Saturday, October 17, 2009

Decor Scrapping....

I have been dreaming about decorating again.  That happens quite frequenly to me actually.  {ha ha}.  I have not had a normal home to decorate in over 6 months since our move to Florida back in May-without any of our things.  Our new house will be available for us mid-November, and my mind is swirling swirling swirling with all of the projects that I am going to do.  It will be nice to finally be in a home again as a family, and not nomad transplants like we have been for the last 6 months.  I am humbled and excited about starting fresh again.  Here are some fun ideas I am dreaming of {some are a little eclectic} but I love deorating with pieces that are not ordinary.  I love finding new ways of using ordinary things, or fun colors that express my personality. 

I love this vintage scale.  I could hang it from the ceiling in the kitchen.  I found this one on ebay listed for less than $15.
Film reels.  How fun are these?  Pottery Barn did a wall with these and I fell in love with them.  These were also on ebay for less than $5 for all of them.  Love love love
I really think this is fun and rare.  What a great end table this would make huh?  I love it just the way it is, but a nice round piece of glass on top would totally finish off this look.  Also on ebay for less than $20.
Pottery Barn has this media desk in thier new fall catalog, and I adore it.  Red furniture is so attractive to me.  I just adore it.  I want one.  I will keep scouring garge sales for one similar though.
entertainment stand idea
Here is another BLACK dining room set.  I cannot wait to paint ours.  I think it is going to be gorgeous.  I wish I could remember which fellow blogger did this one, but I can't....sorry.  She did a great job though.
black dining 2
Finally...I love embroidered fabric, pillows and otherwise.  They are historic and beautiful to me.  I read an article recently that suggested buying a yard or two of embroidered fabric, and backing it with fleece for a tailored looking throw blanket to match some homemade pillows.  How fun will this project be?  Can't wait.
What are your decorating dreams? 

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