Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Dirt...

I was recently tagged to post some random facts about myself...and forgot to.  So, I thought I would go ahead and start my list here tonight.  What better way to start the week right?  Here is the quirky dirt:
1.  I have made a lot of new goals for myself for the New Year.  I promise to post them soon so you can be sure to hold me accountible for getting them done.  I admit...sometimes I need a little push.
2.  I believe in doing kind things, but I do not believe in sharing what Ive done with others.  I think that if you tell to inspire others to do the same, then you are certainly okay, but if you tell just to say "look how nice I am" probably really are not all that nice of a person. 
3.  Honesty is so important.  I am too honest at times.  I am proud of this quality.
4.  Doritos sandwiches, cream cheese and pickles on ritz crackers, and cheese with hot sauce are some of my favorite feel good snacks. 
5.  I love to read books, magazines, blogs, articles everything.  I am so thirsty for knowledge lately.
6.  I love cleaning my van.  I am a really good car cleaner actually.  I detail, armorall-the whole nine yards.  I really do enjoy it. BUT {it seems like everytime I do one of these thorough cleanings, something breaks on the almost has me a bit gunshy lately}.  Did I mention that I am obsessive compulsive and paranoid?  Oh, okay then.
7.  Cleaning is therapeutic to me.  Organizing things makes me feel the same way.  Laundry too.  I'm funny like that.
8.  I recently discovered how much I like to cook.  I also discovered I am actually good at it.  Since I have like a million cookbooks...{that I have never used}, I think I will actually open them and use them once we get all moved into our new house in November.  I might even do some blog articles on them too! I'm steppin' out folks!
9.  I admire smart, genuine, kind, real, and funny people...they inspire me to be a better person. 
10.  I have surprised myself this year!  I have been through so many changes, and so many changes have been through me.  I feel I am better and stronger of a person for all of it.  Humility humbles the soul.  Embrace it-everyone goes through it at some point!
11.  I have the BEST family EVER!  Seriously.  I thank God everyday for them.  They are all so wonderful, strong, beautiful, giving, kind and selfless people.  We are close knit and friends with each other.  We are all so openly quirky and fantastically crazy in our own wonderful ways-but we all work so well together.  We are blessed.
12.  I am NOT a board game or card person.  I really have to be in the mood to play these sorts of games, and usually I am not.  Call me a party pooper-I get it alot.
13.  Fruity Pebbles are my favorite cereal.  I love IHOP breakfasts.  I love breakfast for dinner.  Banana Bread from Bob Evans is my FAV.  I love seafood more than I should.  I love Carraba's bread and dipping sauces-pure heaven, and I eat way too many Ho Ho's, way too often.
14.  If you were to open my closet, the dominent colors you would see are Corals, Oranges, Brown's and Pinks.  It's kind of my go-to colors I guess.
15.  I hate dirty shoes.  It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.  I think you can tell a lot about someone by looking at thier shoes.
16.  I could write a book about my life and experiences-and you would never believe any of it!  That is how wonderfully bizarre, happy, blessed, sad, sick and strange it has been thus far.  "only you Shannon"  has become a Strong family catch phrase.  I would not change a thing though.  I really would not.  Good and bad-God has always been there for me, and I try to always find his lessons in everything.
17.  I write this blog for Brayden.  I want to do the whole Blog to Book publish each year so when he is older he will be able to read all about his life, my life, and the life of Daddy, our families and friends, passions and experiences. 
I'm done for now ladies.  I am not going to tag anyone now since I am already behind the 8 ball here...but feel free to say I tagged you if you feel compelled to share your quirky dirt with the rest of us.  Have a fan-tab-u-lous week!

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