Friday, October 23, 2009

Inspirational Ideas

I love browsing interior decorating photos for inspiration and ideas.  I love decorating in a way that is somewhat non-traditional.  It's what I like to call Shanny style eclectic-ness. {ha ha}  No, not really...but I like to use things that not everyone has in their homes.  I don't want to have the same run of the mill things that my neighbor has.  That's not to say we don't have ordinary things, because we have lot of ordinary things, but I like to have different pieces as well to offset the norm.  Did that make sense?  Here are some fun photos of inspiration in true Shanny Style Eclectic-ness ;-)
I just love how this room feels.  It is different and certainly not run of the mill.  I am personally going for the black dining set myself, but I do love the quirky little accessories.
I love furniture that is colored.  Greens, Reds, Blue's, and all others as well.  How fun are pieces that have flair?
I love old chests like these.  I have one from my Dad that he used during his Army Intelligent days back in the 70's, long before he passed away.  It is a baby blue, and in really great shape.  I can't wait to use it someplace fun.
I love this from Pottery Barn.  The typewriter keys picture in the back is awesome.  A fellow blogger made one herself and you would never know it was handmade.  You can read her tutorial HERE. I will put this on my project list.
I just love these old desks.  I need to find one and paint it some funky retro color.  Brayden would love it. 
Stay tuned...I have been collecting inspirational ideas for the Baseball Bedroom....will be posting more about that this week.  Hope you enjoyed this lovely eclectic-ness. 

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Kacey R. said...

I LOVE all of these! I love the type writer letters too - Who made one? You will have to fill me in. I'd like to add it to my Project List too. ;D And that green armoire? Love painted pieces.