Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brookey's Birthday Party...

This last weekend we went to Brooke's 8th Birthday party.  She is our niece, and one of Brayden's 16  first cousins.  We have a big family-yes we do.  Brayden adores Brookey {as he calls her}, and was pretty much glued to her side for much of the party.  He had so much fun running around and playing with everyone, and everything.  He even took off running into the kitchen at Friendly's-so fast that even Mommy and Daddy could not grab him fast enough.  All you could hear were waiters and waitresses yelling "oh my God-there's a baby in the kitchen".  Yeah, yeah-laugh all you want...{it was actually quite embarassing-and funny too!}.
Here is Brayden and Brooke { how cute is this?}
Picture 164
Here Brayden is loving on Uncle Marion and his other cousin, little Marion while they were hugging.  He got a little jealous they were giving out hugs, and had to join in on the fun I guess.  Too funny.
Picture 183
This photo makes me laugh it's so precious.
{Brayden usually does not give Uncle Marion huggies because he is scared of his beard and mustache...so it's cute to see this photo of him latching onto his leg-all smiles}.

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