Thursday, October 8, 2009

{Lessons learned}...

I have learned many lessons lately.
 I am feeling inspired to share a few of them:
1.  Forgiveness is overrated.  If people treat you terribly...kick them to the curb...:-)
2.  Save is so important to have a nest egg.  I've learned my lesson there.
3.  You never know your own strength until you are forced to find it.  I have, and I did.  I feel more empowered now.  That feels good. I am proud of myself, and my newfound strength.
4.  I don't need to keep negative people in my life anymore becuase I feel the need to help them.  You can't help crazy people that will never change.  As my mom once told me-arguing with people that are not "all there" is like trying to win an argument with someone in a straight jacket-I'll never win-I will just drive myself crazy in the process.  She was right, and I am finally taking that advice.
5.  People make bad decisions, but they are only bad if you learn nothing from them. {so true}.
6.  Creativity feeds my soul.
7.  Being a Mother is the greatest and single most important thing I have ever done, will do, and I am embracing all of the moments I can-because life is short and time moves so quickly.
8.  Music heals my soul.
9.  Education and constant learning renew me.  Therefore back to school I will go.
10.  Tell the ones you love that you love them every chance you get.  Nothing is more important. Nothing.
11.  I am surrounding myself with positive, happy, encouraging, and kind people.  Anyone not wanting to join in on my happy party...the curb is waiting ;-)

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Katy said...

Oh, Shannon......I'll join in on that Happy Party of yours. Love your list and lessons learned! Have a great day!