Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sara Evans {I'm Jealous...just a bit}

Daddy got to go see Sara Evans in concert at Chautauqua Institution...with my brother and his family.  {I'm just a little jealous}.  Just kidding... I am so glad that they got him into the concert, and that they showed him SUCH an awesome time.  Ron said they were only just a few feet away from her!  Since my brother Todd and his wife Beth dont work during the summer {they are Teachers}...they help construct sets and work with the Actors Equity for Chautauqua Institution and they are privy to all sorts of neat events and concerts that happen there all summer long-so they were able to get Ron in :-)  Not only that-but they also scored a play list sheet for me from the concert.  A playlist is the sheet that gets taped to the floor at Sara Evans feet so she knows what song her band will play next...and I have hers!  How cool is that?  Ron also picked up a very cool Sara Evans concert t-shirt for me that he was able to get personally autographed by Sara herself after the concert....AFTER he got to give Sara a high five!!!  Brat!  Todd was backstage after the concert helping take down the sets and said he got the opportunity to personally talk to her for a moment.  He said she was even more beautiful in person...down to earth, no makeup...white t-shirt and jeans on.  He said she was very kind.  They made eye contact, and he said she had a really nice smile/demeanor.  I am so jealous...I am! 
Ron and I danced to one of her songs at our wedding {I could not ask for more}.  He called me from the concert when she sang the song so I could hear it.  Love I tell ya!  Ron said him, Todd, Beth and Emily and Molly had the time of thier lives that night.  I am so happy!  Ron needed that, and who better to show someone a good time than Todd, Beth and the girls.  Thank you guys!  You Rock and I love you!
I am so glad you all had a blast! 

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