Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Potty Episode {Part I} you know I had mentioned we have begun potty training.  Yesterday Brayden told me he had to go poo-poo.  So...I quickly ran him into the bathroom to sit on the big boy potty.  My mother followed in behind us all the while encouraging Brayden to sit like a big boy, and told him what a good job he was doing. seriously try to picture this:
 I am sitting on the floor at this point in front of Brayden supporting him on the real toilet as he is trying to peak down into the potty to see what all of the fuss is about as my mother and I are both wooing him telling him what a big boy he is, and how he can go poo-poo in the big boy potty now {and we are echoing too mind you all the while}.  Our conversation then went something like this:
{and if you don't like somewhat graphic stories-stop reading here}.
Mom: Tell him how to poo-poo.
Me: seriously-tell him what exactly?
Mom:  I didn't mean it like that...just grunt and make faces and he will understand what you mean.
 {insert both of us trying to grunt and make faces in an attempt to get him to poo on the big boy potty}.
Mom: "go potty like Bailey and Casey on the big boy potty Bray-you can do it!"
Me:  Okay Mom, this is not working...he looks like he is about to freak and he does not understand...
{so I pulled him off of the potty.}
Mom:  Okay...well hand me some toilet paper so I can wipe his toosh so he knows what to do when we get off of the potty.
Me: {I hand her some toilet paper}
 {she starts wiping Braydens tooshy and ends up pushing him forward-into me...almost knocking me backwards into the tub at this point}
 and I say "uh-Mom you're killing me here..."
Mom:  Oh I'm sorry...I didnt realize I was knocking you over...
{as she's hysterically laughing at the situation at hand}.
{Just then she goes for more toilet paper and elbows me in the eye!!!}
  This again...all taking place as we are laughing, echoing, & trying to encourage poor Brayden to poo-poo in the potty.  Poor child.
  He's never gonna tell me again he has to go poo.  I just know it ;-)

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kristi said...

that is hilarious :)