Monday, September 21, 2009

Mr. PB {oh how I love thee}...

I have been having a love affair for several years now with Mr. PB.  He makes my heart skip a beat, and has done so since 1997 when I first met him.  He knows my taste, and inspires the creative side of my soul.  He knows my favorite colors, and can provide me with a home that I love, dream of and adore.  He provides for my son and the bedroom he longs for {I long for} which are all things baseball.  I look forward to our monthly and sometimes weekly encounters.  I stay with him each time for over an hour, sometimes longer.  I got to see him this weekend, and oh my...we made a deal.  Okay...well he made an offer to me I simply could not refuse.
You see... Mr. Pottery Barn himself had kids chalkboards on sale for $2.97 a piece.  Navy & aqua blue.  I bought four of them.  I also could not resist the cute little red, blue and off white shams for Braydens big boy bedroom for $4 dollars.  Then...cork boards for the wall that were originally $39.00 each sold to me for a mere $ I left with three of those!  Last...a large baseball stadium puzzle that I plan to glue to mdf soon, then pop on some molding and hang lovingly in this big boy baseball room for my little guy.  I love you Mr. PB...and thankyou for a most awesome and unforgettable weekend. 
'Til we meet again ;-)
{And I have been stalking the store for weeks now waiting for the right price on this piece and it will then be mine...}

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kristi said...

I love Pottery Barn!