Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ketchup Lover

Brayden is SUCH a breakfast boy. He loves IHOP. Eggs, pancakes {hancakes} as he calls them, and one strip of bacon breakfast. For some reason, he wants to dip all of it in ketchup. The other day the waitress came out with his order and he excitedly started shouting "hancake-hancake", and giggling in his chair. She set the ketchup down on the table and he threw back both arms and {in a funny little wubzy like accent}, shouted, "help me help me". He sounded like someone straight out of a country western movie. All of the customers at other tables, started cracking up laughing at his antics to get some of that ketchup.
So...we happily obliged, and happily dunked everything in it ;-)

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