Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Green...

Last week we went into a children's Go Green store to see what kind of deals they had on everything toddler! { Oh My Gosh! } This Mama was ultra excited to score on tons of new things for the Bray-including some snazzy new sweaters that looked like they had NEVER even been worn!  I spent a total of $28 buckaroo's and landed about 7 new outfits for the Bray.  Overalls, sweaters galore-including an adorable little Guess sweater for a mere $ heard right!  Brayden was having a blast playing in the toy area which had every imaginable toy you could think of.  He left sporting a new Tonka ambulance.  He would simply not budge, and I could not pry it out of his little death grips get that toy away from him as he was shouting "car-daddy-car-daddy-car".  You won this time kiddo.  Mama however won in the clothes department.  This store was so clean, so neat, so orgnaized...I was impressed-and WILL be back soon.  Here is one of the cutie outfits I got him there for less than $4.00 total.  Gotta love going green ;-)  Happy Shopping Mama's!
new outfit 003
new outfit 004

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