Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nostalgia time...

My Aunt Jo sent me these photos the other night of my family.  I love old photos of my family, they are just beautiful to me.  I love that I can look at them and find resemblances in everyone.  I love that when my mother looks at them-she gets all excited when explaining to me who they are, and what they were like when they were alive and well.  It brings with it a nostalgic undertone of heartfelt emotions that words cannot simply define in any way.  Below are photos of my Grandmother Delphine Oneill {oh how I love that name}, and my mother when she was Brayden's age.  She was such a little chunk of love-just like the Bray.
{click directly on photos to enlarge}

Grandma Delphine {far right}

   Grandma Delphine {far left}

                            My mother Patricia                           

Grandma Delphine

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