Monday, September 14, 2009

No I didn't...

This is my first ever "Not me Monday".  I thought I would give it a whirl since my good buddy Kacey over at Chronicles of a Mommy seems to have tons of fun with it each week.  Here goes:
So...this weekend I most certainly did not bake a huge batch of chocolate no-bake cookies and eat like half a dozen even though I am diabetic.  That would be a bad decision on my part in regards to my health.  It was a weak moment, I confess.  I did not permit Brayden to sleep with me every night this weekend because I love the way he snuggles and I know how much he likes it too.  Starting bad habits this early could spell disastrous...{I know this!} 
I also did not go to the outlets to walk around simply because I needed a Pottery Barn fix.  In the bra store Brayden did not rip tags off of two bra's on the racks that I quickly picked up and simply "set" back on the rack so my child would not look like an ultra stinker brat as he was shouting "bra!-no touch!"  He did not get that saying from me after I reprimanded him for pulling about twenty bras and thongs straight off the rack from his stroller!
I did not start feeding him Pringles sticks just to keep him quiet long enough for me to catch a breath upon exiting the lingerie store itself!
And finally....I absolutely, under no circumstance...fed Brayden oyster crackers, corn and macaroni & cheese {dipped in ketchup} at a buffet Friday night because that is ALL he wanted to eat!  That would be a mildly irresponsible and unhealthy dinner for my toddler.  I also did not leave afterwards and nonchalantly brush the oyster crackers he had thrown everywhere under the table with my feet because I was too exhausted to bend over and play clean up!  Nope-not me!  I would never do anything like that.
Hope you are having a fabulous Monday, this was fun-whew!
  I feel better now!


kristi said...

enjoyed reading this! your last name drew me to your blog :) I'm looking forward to marrying my Mr. Snow in 8 months!

Mommy Mac said...

This is fun!

I so have been there with my 2. I sooooooooooo have!!1

.mac :)