Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun Run Boosterthon

Today we went to see Casey and Bailey at their school for their annual Fun Run Boosterthon! They spent all last week getting sponsors for their run today. Casey was early this morning, and Bailey later this afternoon. Each of them ran 35 laps around the track, and Brayden, Grandma and I eagerly watched, cheered them on, and danced to the really super fun music they were playing. Brayden wanted to escape from the stroller and run with all of the children-bless his heart. When Bailey ran we took Bray out and let him run with B for a few laps with his class-which Bray thought was totally cool. This Momma was not doing any sort of running-but I did take lots of pictures and videos. This Boosterthon helps to raise tons of money for the school each year-which is totally great, and was so fun for everyone!
Go Bailey and Casey-we are so proud of you & love you tons!
Fun Run 015
Brayden needing some of Mommy's lovin' before we decided to let him run...
Fun Run 016
Fun Run 017

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