Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This year we have so many wonderful things to be thankful for.  I never used to be one to find the silver lining in things, but I have learned to finally do that this year.  We have grown so much this year in all of our experiences, both good and bad.  Gratefullness is a quality learned, something not simply acquired automatically.  The most simplest of things I am now very grateful for.  Things I took for granted in the past are now relished rather than forgotten.  That in and of itself is a huge blessing. 

I am grateful and thankful that...

  • We move into our new home in December.

  • Brayden is healthy and happy, and so full of life and pure joy everyday.

  • I have the most wonderful family and friends any one woman could ever ask for.

  • I have the opportunity to go back to college this year-and it's completely paid for.

  • I have a new set of goals, and dreams that I feel confident I can accomplish.

  • I have a wonderful husband that is the greatest father a little boy could ask for.

  • I no longer feel like the doors and windows of my life are closed.  They are open, the sun is shining in, and I can feel the breeze now.

  • God is a very big part of my life and I am learning more about my faith every single day of my life.

  • I am confident, strong, independent and a little wiser than I was this time last year.

  • I will soon have health insurance back, and that means getting off Prednisone...finally. {and that has soooo many positive outcomes for me and my health...and appearance;-) }

  • I am blessed more than I feel I deserve.

Life is full of beautiful moments to embrace if we take the time to recognize them.  It  is full of opportunites to do the right thing, and encourage others to do the same.  Hug the ones you love, tell them you love them all the time, always end on a good note, be honest, sincere, compassionate and understanding.  Bite your tongue even when you don't want to.  Everything else will fall into place...eventually ;-) 

Hoping everyone has a most wonderful, thankful and blessed Thanksgiving.
-The Snow Family

Realms of Color...

Brayden has his own idea of fun when it comes to coloring.  He will generally start out scribbling on paper, coloring books, and anything around not under cover {furniture and walls included}!  He soon gets bored with all that, and starts standing all of his crayons up on end, in various patterns. 
Many fall as he tries to line them up.  He is patient and says "ahhh Mannn", picks them back up and continues on his mission.  He concentrates very hard, and is so methodical about it.  He insures even space between them, and has even begun counting them as he lines them up. Other times he will attempt to sing Happy Birthday, and will pretend to blow out the candles with said crayons.  Once he has them all lined up he starts clapping, smiling ear to ear shouting "I do it", and "yayyyy".
He is inventive, creative, and theatrical in his endeavors with his little Crayola friends. 
I love it.
I love watching his precise and steady chubby little fingers stand the crayons up on end as he sticks his tongue out and scrunches his little eyebrows.  I love watching what new pattern he will create and try to follow those wheels that are turning a mile a minute in his head.
 He amazes me. 
It is so fun to watch him explore, and find new ways to entertain himself.  It's interesting to me that he is exhibiting his free and un-inhibited creativity realizing crayons could be used for things other than just coloring with.
  It's either that, or he's obsessive compulsive! 
I'm hoping it's just a very eccentric creative streak he is expressing.
I think this quote below sums it up perfectly! 
The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color.

-Hans Hofmann
Baileys Birthday 030
Baileys Birthday 031
Baileys Birthday 037
Baileys Birthday 052
Baileys Birthday 048
Baileys Birthday 044

If your happy and you know it...

Brayden found some fun little stickers today.  Happy faces :-)  Gotta love that he felt compelled to stick them all over his face...all of them...one.by.one. 
He was so very adorable and proud of himself.
 Looks like he got in a sticker show down with the Wal Mart greeter...
and won!
All while sporting his t-shirt Daddy got for him that says;
 "DUDE-your girlfriend keeps checking me out"
{Ha Ha}
Baileys Birthday 029
Baileys Birthday 026

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Once in a Lifetime...

I remember the day Brayden was born.  We woke up at 4 am to be at the hospital by 5:30 am to start Pre-Op for my scheduled C-Section.  We took pictures that morning of my belly, gave the dogs lots of loves, made sure the house was perfect for his arrival at home, and went out the door with bags packed, raring to go. 

For the first minute or so of our ride to the hospital, the car was silent.  We were both so nervous.  We were worried about Brayden's lungs possibly not being developed enough once delivered, and what that could mean for him.  I think we were both quietly praying in that moment of silence. 

Ron reached over and turned the radio on.  Then he held my hand.  The sun was just starting to shine as we drove down the street headed toward the hospital. 

I am a firm believer in signs.  Signs from God, and our Guardian angels.  There have been many times in my life when a song will come on the radio that just literally speaks volumes to me.  I know it's a sign.  It's something grand in the works of the scheme of things going through my mind at that moment.  It's my reassurance at that time things will be fine.  It gives me relief, and stronger faith. 

This was the song that started to play just moments after our hands intertwined as our stomachs were both in knots.  Knots of fear, excitement, and the unknown.  I happened to look right at a ray of sunshine peaking through some trees in the car that morning just as the lyrics sang "the sun is shining, on a brand new day".

I looked at Ron and had tears in my eyes and said..."this is like the most perfect song we could possibly hear right now, don't you think?"  He gave me a very scared, timid, sensitive look back and nodded his head yes with a set of his own tears.

We were silent once again just taking in the words and meaning for us from this song. It was a perfect moment, in our once in a lifetime day.
 It was in fact a brand new day for us, like no other we had ever experienced, or that we would ever experience again. 
The day our first born was delivered as healthy as can be to us from God.

To this day, this song can instantly bring me to tears.
 It's beautiful.

"Keith Urban-Once in a Lifetime"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shabby Hair...

Brayden was in desperate need of a haircut last week.  His hair grows so quickly!  We took him to a local salon to have his hair done.  He was exceptionally polite, saying thankyou, welcome and please to the hair dresser.  She gave him a sucker, and we did not hear the end of that sucker until we left and were able to confiscate it from him.  He was a sticky mess from head to toe.  Oh well...at least his hair looks better now than it did like this....
{although HE does not seem to mind by the look of this expression} :-) 
We love you and your silliness Brayden.

Mommy's night out...

Mommy went out last weekend, and oh.my.was.it.fun!  Some old girlfriends of mine called and asked me to meet them at the local Rod and Gun club Saturday night for some birthday fun-ness!  My dear friend Marcy {who I have known since 4th grade, yes 21 years!!!} and I share the same birthday-November 11th. We wanted to celebrate our birthday together! Stacy and I and Marcy all went to prom together way back in good ol' 1996.  Oh the years, the memories.  We have all grown up so much since then, married, had babies.  Unreal it seems.  We had a ton of fun talking about all of our old moments, laughter, funny times and triumphs.  We giggled like school girls, danced, took crazy pictures, danced some more, and just had a great time.
 Here is a normal photo from our night out.


The other day it suddenly became VERY quiet in the house.  I saw flashes of light coming from the corner, and I heard Brayden shouting "cheese"  over and over again.  Yes...he found Mama's camera, and was actually pointing it AT himself taking pictures.
 You'd think he was 2 going on 20 making a Myspace page for himself or something!!!
 Too funny.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

35 things I will do before I turn 35...

I am participating in Chrissie Grace's linky party this week. She wanted a list...I just loved her list HERE.

Here is my list of things I will do before I turn 35.
{in no special order}
1. Get off of Prednisone
Then get back on Humira {insurance permitting}, and Forteo {my osteo med}, rebuild my bones, and take better care of myself. This includes losing all of the prednisone water weight I have gained {which is always fun}.
2. Grow my hair long again
I have always had long hair, but decided to cut it shortly after Brayden was born. I ended up turning into one of those Mommies who stopped caring about my appearance after my child was born. This Mama needs to get her groove back {and my looks!}.
3. Go back to College {get a Masters Degree}
After many years of working without a degree, I have finally found myself in a position where I need one. I will be starting school this Spring {as I have an opportunity to have a two year degree completely paid for} for Healthcare Administration. With a Masters degree, it would enable me to make in upwards of 100K + a year once I am done with school. This would be so wonderful to do by 35! It would help our family, and Braydens future tremendously.
4. Start my own etsy shop
I love being creative, and have so many different ideas for things to put in my shop I have been dreaming of. I would love to do this soon.
5. Volunteer more
I love volunteering. I want to do this more, really be dedicated to at least 3 different organizations or causes per year. I want Brayden to learn and do this with me...what a great learning opportunity for your children to embrace giving and empathy.
6. Get involved in a Church
I really want to find a church my family can grow with and love. It is something I have wanted to do for awhile now. I also want to be in the choir-I miss music...I would love to do this again.
7. Get back into local theater
Growing up I lived at the theater. My mother was a costume designer for years for many different theaters in town, and I have been in musicals since I was 4 years old. I want Brayden to love it too, experience it like I did, and have fun with it. I need to be in more shows-they are so fun, and I have not done it in years. I also want to direct a show, or do costumes for one myself!
8. Learn to really cook
I have been dabbling this last year with cooking more than I ever have in my life. I actually really enjoy it. Now I just need to get good at it.
10. Learn to Can
Something I have always wanted to learn to do. How fun would that be?
11. Learn to Quilt
I can sew, but quilting eludes me. I really want to make quilts...I know it's a rare act of patience, but I am so fascinated by it.
12. Pay off/down my debts
I have a lot of debt. A LOT of debt. I really want to clean up my credit, and start paying down this debt soon. Ron and I would LOVE to buy a house by the time I'm 35. We are tired of renting.
13. Exercise faithfully
I need to do this for my health. I want to strive to be as healthy as possible. I could not imagine missing Brayden's life if something were to happen to me. One of my worst fears.
14. Spend more time with old friends
I don't dedicate enough time for this in my life. Although I have girlfriends I grew up with that are STILL my best gals to this day-we don't spend nearly enough time together. I am going to make it a point to make time for this and them more often.
15. Finish writing my book
I have been writing a book for years now. It's not done, and in all honesty-I have not touched it in over a year. It's a funny book with all of my strange life experiences in it. Published or not, at least Brayden will have it someday when he is older. I would love to finish my life up until now by the time I am 35.
16. Take Brayden to Disney
We would love to take Brayden to Disney, stay at Disney for at least a week would be so much fun. We have looked forward to doing that for quite some time now. We want to wait until he is a little older so he can truly embrace it.
17. Start a Homeless Organization for Education and Rehabilitation
I have always had a soft spot for Homeless people. I have been playing with a thought for awhile now about starting or doing something that would enable homeless people or {families} to get back on their feet. I have been thinking even more about it lately with our horrible economy.
18. Take a trip to California
19. Learn to live frugally, and save money.
20. Spend as much time with family as possible.
21. Convert the blog to a book each year. {the whole reason I started the blog in the first place}.
Each year I plan to do this so Brayden has books of each year of this life, our life, etc...for when he is older.
22. Start a small photography business
I need a good camera first...but I would love to take professional photos and start my own small photography business.
23. Have another baby
We would really love to have another baby {health permitting} sometime in the near future. I really want Brayden to have at least one sibling to antagonize ;-)
24. Brayden in swim classes
I just think this would be such a great thing for him, and it is such a great skill to learn early on.
25. To have a wood workshop
I want a wood workshop. Yes-tools, saws, the whole nine yards. Then I could build things. I know I could !
26. Take a woodworking class ;-)
27. Move to Georgia
This is something we have wanted to do for awhile, but it is not in the cards for us right now. Hopefully in a few years...this is where we will end up living.
28. Take a Cruise
I have always wanted to do this. My hubby has been promising we will do it someday soon. I cannot wait. {he is a little scared though}...so I may have to plan one with my Mom and girlfriends, Aunt, nieces, sisters inlaws...how much fun would that be?
29. Go to the Keys for a vacation.
30. Just play with Brayden as much as I can, and take in all the new things he is learning. I don't want to miss a single moment of his life.
31. Go on a family vacation to Mexico, Cancun preferrably.
32. Get caught up on my scrapbooks, organize all of my photos.
33. Finish all of my decorating projects I have in mind.
34. Start doing yoga/pilates.
35. Buy a cheap cheap house we can restore slowly.

Friday, November 13, 2009

{Loverly} Photos...

I have some {loverly} photos to share.  I LOVE this little playroom.  I have been looking for a table for Brayden's little chairs I refinished this summer.  I love how this one has the paper slide on it.  I think that is what I kind of have in mind for his little playroom table. I also love the colors, and the little houses on the walls.  What child would not want to be creative in this room?  Oh....
I really like this color red.  It looks similar to the bed I just got a few weeks ago that I want to paint for Brayden's room.  If the color came out just like this one...I would be oh.so.pleased.with.it.
I also really like the idea of placing the oldie books behind a frame for a playroom.  I am not highly in love with the playroom itself...but I love the artwork.
Did someone say PROJECT LIST???  Oh, it was me....this is definately one I am adding to my little list of things to make.  It's adorable.
I am sooooo hooked on red furniture lately.  It's really becoming somehwat of an obsession.  Love this piece from Pottery Barn.  Since I'm more of a do-it-youreself-er....I will be on the lookout for something similar to this that I can paint.  Anyone have any red paint color/brand recommendations?  Please do share, it seems as though it is a daunting task to find one I really love, that I dare use. 

Monday, November 9, 2009


Tonight Ron asked Brayden what he needed to put on his toothbrush in order to brush his teeth. Brayden quickly replied "piss" {aka: paste}  with so much enthusiasm it totally threw Daddy for a loop!  I then asked Bray to say "toothpaste", and he smiled and said very loudly "hy-pissssss" {toothpaste}. We tried really hard NOT to laugh. It did NOT work. ;-)

Bray was sitting on Daddy's lap earlier and tooted. Ron said "hey you-are you tooting on Daddy?" and Brayden looked at him with this very serious look and said, "it jusss happened"! Again...we tried not to laugh with no success.

The Producers

My other niece Emily plays the lead Ulla in The Producers at the college.  I was able to go see 3 of her shows this last weekend {I am such a lucky and blessed Aunt this week}.  Between her and Molly {the post about her artwork is below}...I am feeling pretty darn special to be related to them!  I always feel that way, but this week I get to brag about them, and that is always fun.  HERE is a photo of Emily in the paper the other day, and the link to her very first review!  They said, "Emily Strong was a show-stopping beauty as Ulla, the Swedish receptionist the boys hire to decorate their office, and she danced with real style, as well."
She has been a performer since her early childhood...and is oh.so.talented.  She always continues to amaze me with her acting, dancing, and singing abilities-she is truly gifted.  She is the cutie little blonde in the red dress:  We are so proud of you Emily-you did a great job, and hopefully I will be coming to a few more shows over the next few weeks.  Love you and am so proud of you.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

I have been brainstorming {as many of you already know} about Brayden's soon to be big boy baseball room.  Oh my, the ideas I have found.  I am loving this idea for painting his bed...what do you think?
And look at this baseball stadium chair?  How cute would that be?
I love LOVE love this stitch paint technique on the walls...darling.
I also love the red furniture in this room too.  The lampshade is adorable as well.
My very talented and artistic niece Molly is going to paint custom baseball pictures for Brayden {with Brayden} for his room.  I am so excited to frame the work, and get them up-how neat and special will that be?
Love this table...I could totally make this...I know it....
I also love the idea of putting lockers in his room.  They need to be red though...
Ugh...I LOVE these roman shades for his room.  I will make these...they are WAY too pricey to go and buy...
And last, but certainly not least.  Who would not love an organized wall like this one?  I love the PB chairs too.  I know I could make those...just need to figure out a pattern of sorts.  It's definately on my project list.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Humble Artist...

My beautiful and very humbly talented niece Molly created a unique piece of artwork for a contest online.  She visualized the concept and made it happen! 
Well...it paid off-she won first place!
 Molly has had a knack for art since her early childhood.  She is full of so many ideas, and creations! What's even better is that she is so humble about it.  She is last person to tell you she is an artist.  {when if I were her I would be proclaiming it to the world!}  I know, I sound like a very overly proud and bias Aunt.  I am proud of her, but bias I am not-this chicky has some SERIOUS talent.  If only I could show you all of the things she has painted, drawn, created, molded and so forth I would...but that would require me breaking into their house and all...and I do try to respect their privacy ;-) 
I'm just sayin'. 
The Neon Hive {a multi-disciplined creative agency based on the south coast of lil' auld Great Britain} wrote this about her peice, "Molly’s entry entitled “The Flip Side” stole our hearts and the competition for several reasons: an original “spin” on interpreting the brief, unique handcrafted art (true DIY indeed) and for introducing an element of fun and vivid colour which really depicts the spirit of Damien Hirst’s “spin painted” skulls."
Did you see that part "stole our hearts"? 
All I could think when I read that was that if they could only see her, meet her or get a chance to talk even five seconds with her in person---
SHE would steal their hearts. 
She is just a doll, genuine, real, funny as hell and just...well...a total doll.
She is just artistically brilliant, and I had to show off the article that was written about her piece of artwork.
 I am so so proud of you Molly.  We are so proud of you.
I love you & Congratulations!!! 
You can read the original article on why she won by clicking HERE.

Here is the piece she created for the contest:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


A sixpence will soon be in her shoe.  I am so excited for her and her fiance' Blair.  My beautiful cousin Leah is engaged!!!  They will get married in California in April...just a few months away.  I am hoping we can attend. I am so excited for them.  Here are some of their gorgeous engagement photos.  Congratulations Leah and Blair.  We love you and are so very happy and excited for you both.  Much love.
l and b
leah and blair
Aren't these photos just to die for?  They are more than beautiful.  I love them!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Please Vote...

We entered Brayden and his Halloween Costume in a Costume Contest for CuteKids.com
We are really hoping we win!  How cool would that be?
You can vote once per day from your pc.  Please encourage everyone you know to vote. 
We are really hoping we win!  How cool would that be?
Ha ha-okay...I'll stop now...but it would be really cool. 
Click HERE to vote...and {thanks in advance}.