Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Realms of Color...

Brayden has his own idea of fun when it comes to coloring.  He will generally start out scribbling on paper, coloring books, and anything around not under cover {furniture and walls included}!  He soon gets bored with all that, and starts standing all of his crayons up on end, in various patterns. 
Many fall as he tries to line them up.  He is patient and says "ahhh Mannn", picks them back up and continues on his mission.  He concentrates very hard, and is so methodical about it.  He insures even space between them, and has even begun counting them as he lines them up. Other times he will attempt to sing Happy Birthday, and will pretend to blow out the candles with said crayons.  Once he has them all lined up he starts clapping, smiling ear to ear shouting "I do it", and "yayyyy".
He is inventive, creative, and theatrical in his endeavors with his little Crayola friends. 
I love it.
I love watching his precise and steady chubby little fingers stand the crayons up on end as he sticks his tongue out and scrunches his little eyebrows.  I love watching what new pattern he will create and try to follow those wheels that are turning a mile a minute in his head.
 He amazes me. 
It is so fun to watch him explore, and find new ways to entertain himself.  It's interesting to me that he is exhibiting his free and un-inhibited creativity realizing crayons could be used for things other than just coloring with.
  It's either that, or he's obsessive compulsive! 
I'm hoping it's just a very eccentric creative streak he is expressing.
I think this quote below sums it up perfectly! 
The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color.

-Hans Hofmann
Baileys Birthday 030
Baileys Birthday 031
Baileys Birthday 037
Baileys Birthday 052
Baileys Birthday 048
Baileys Birthday 044

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Beth:) said...

Aside from Braydan being the cutest, smartest, sweetest little guy ever, you write extremely well and have a most wonderful way of explanation and thoughtfulness. You are able to bring every reader into the moment. I truly love to view and read your thoughts, as it makes me feel as if I am sitting next to you drinking coffee and playing with crayons.
love you - miss you : ) beth