Friday, November 13, 2009

{Loverly} Photos...

I have some {loverly} photos to share.  I LOVE this little playroom.  I have been looking for a table for Brayden's little chairs I refinished this summer.  I love how this one has the paper slide on it.  I think that is what I kind of have in mind for his little playroom table. I also love the colors, and the little houses on the walls.  What child would not want to be creative in this room?  Oh....
I really like this color red.  It looks similar to the bed I just got a few weeks ago that I want to paint for Brayden's room.  If the color came out just like this one...I would be
I also really like the idea of placing the oldie books behind a frame for a playroom.  I am not highly in love with the playroom itself...but I love the artwork.
Did someone say PROJECT LIST???  Oh, it was me....this is definately one I am adding to my little list of things to make.  It's adorable.
I am sooooo hooked on red furniture lately.  It's really becoming somehwat of an obsession.  Love this piece from Pottery Barn.  Since I'm more of a do-it-youreself-er....I will be on the lookout for something similar to this that I can paint.  Anyone have any red paint color/brand recommendations?  Please do share, it seems as though it is a daunting task to find one I really love, that I dare use. 

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