Friday, November 6, 2009

A Humble Artist...

My beautiful and very humbly talented niece Molly created a unique piece of artwork for a contest online.  She visualized the concept and made it happen! paid off-she won first place!
 Molly has had a knack for art since her early childhood.  She is full of so many ideas, and creations! What's even better is that she is so humble about it.  She is last person to tell you she is an artist.  {when if I were her I would be proclaiming it to the world!}  I know, I sound like a very overly proud and bias Aunt.  I am proud of her, but bias I am not-this chicky has some SERIOUS talent.  If only I could show you all of the things she has painted, drawn, created, molded and so forth I would...but that would require me breaking into their house and all...and I do try to respect their privacy ;-) 
I'm just sayin'. 
The Neon Hive {a multi-disciplined creative agency based on the south coast of lil' auld Great Britain} wrote this about her peice, "Molly’s entry entitled “The Flip Side” stole our hearts and the competition for several reasons: an original “spin” on interpreting the brief, unique handcrafted art (true DIY indeed) and for introducing an element of fun and vivid colour which really depicts the spirit of Damien Hirst’s “spin painted” skulls."
Did you see that part "stole our hearts"? 
All I could think when I read that was that if they could only see her, meet her or get a chance to talk even five seconds with her in person---
SHE would steal their hearts. 
She is just a doll, genuine, real, funny as hell and just...well...a total doll.
She is just artistically brilliant, and I had to show off the article that was written about her piece of artwork.
 I am so so proud of you Molly.  We are so proud of you.
I love you & Congratulations!!! 
You can read the original article on why she won by clicking HERE.

Here is the piece she created for the contest:

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