Sunday, November 8, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

I have been brainstorming {as many of you already know} about Brayden's soon to be big boy baseball room.  Oh my, the ideas I have found.  I am loving this idea for painting his bed...what do you think?
And look at this baseball stadium chair?  How cute would that be?
I love LOVE love this stitch paint technique on the walls...darling.
I also love the red furniture in this room too.  The lampshade is adorable as well.
My very talented and artistic niece Molly is going to paint custom baseball pictures for Brayden {with Brayden} for his room.  I am so excited to frame the work, and get them up-how neat and special will that be?
Love this table...I could totally make this...I know it....
I also love the idea of putting lockers in his room.  They need to be red though...
Ugh...I LOVE these roman shades for his room.  I will make these...they are WAY too pricey to go and buy...
And last, but certainly not least.  Who would not love an organized wall like this one?  I love the PB chairs too.  I know I could make those...just need to figure out a pattern of sorts.  It's definately on my project list.

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Lamp Tramp said...

So nice to meet you, Shannon. What adorable rooms, awesome ideas for Brayden's big boy baseball room!
Of course, you can link me, I'd be flattered!
Lamp Tramp