Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Day 2009

I thought I would share some photos of our Thanksgiving this year. My brother Scott and  SIL Tara hosted the holidays at thier place.  We were able to visit with family we don't get to see very often.  It was nice.  Earlier the day before my mother actually let me cut her hair!  She has naturally curly hair and can NEVER get a stylist to cut her hair the exact way she wants it.  She is a bit picky.  She was also a tad demanding before I began the cut, and as I stood behind her staring at my brother Scott laughing at me shaking his head {as she was giving me "directions" on how to do this the RIGHT way}, I gently raised the scissors behind her head while looking at my brother and "pretend stabbed" her a few times.  Ha ha!  Yes I know...sick-but I had to share it.  A true Strong family fashionista holiday story. Thankfully...I KNOW how insanely picky my mother is about her hair so I took her advice, and cut it the way she demanded wanted. It turned out so well she is bummed that I cannot be there to do her hair ALL the time from now on.  
Who knew I could cut hair!
Here is the Momma below pictured with my SIL Tara {far left} and my cousin Candy.
Thanksgiving 2009 003
Another fun moment of the day was picture time.  I am always the one running around with the camera taking photos.  We decided to do a girls photo shoot on the stairs.  We had some funny other photos I cannot post or I will be a dead woman, but needless to say-this one was a keeper. 
{Mom, Aunt Jo, myself, Candy and Tara}
Thanksgiving 2009 055
I then chased the kiddos around and was able to wrangle them for a few short moments in this picture.  Brayden had so much fun playing with his cousins, and second cousins...he did not know what to do with himself.
 The attention and love he gets from all of them is just too precious.
{Casey, Kaiti and Brayden, Bailey & Nathan}
Thanksgiving 2009 013
We all then spent some time on Skype with my cousin PJ and his wife Violaine {Vi} who live in Belgium.  She is from Belgium, so after they married-they headed there for awhile to live.  They are expecting their first baby, so it was nice to talk with them and discuss the up and coming Belgium-American Baby Brady!  They finally announced it to friends, so I can blog about it now...that wait felt like forever!
 Congrats Peej and Vi!
{PJ and Vi-photo taken a few months ago while they were in the states for a wedding}.
At this point Brayden was getting anxious for dinner.  Why I don't know because he refused to try the turkey, and ended up feasting on rolls dipped in ketchup.  He did take one bite of Tara's famous sweet potato casserole, but did not eat anymore of it.  He totally missed out, so I ate his serving for him....along with {two additional helpings} of it after that-but who's counting?
 Here is Brayden naturally being a ham...on turkey day.
Thanksgiving 2009 081
The night ended with Brayden insisting on helping Grandma pack away the rest of the turkey.  He got to sit on the big boy stool at the island in the kitchen.  He thought this was very cool.  He requested "rackers" and happily ate a million crackers while observing "gamma".  It was very cute.
 I just loved the way his little chunky butt looked sitting on this stool all independent like.
Thanksgiving 2009 098
All in all, it was a very nice Thanksgiving.  We rested, relaxed, and spent time with family eating some great food.  We browsed Black Friday ads, drank coffee, ate pie, got caught up on our life happenings, and just vegged.
 It was nice
Hoping you had a wonderful holiday as well!
-The Snow Family

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