Friday, December 4, 2009

My little big boy...

I have realized more and more over the last few months how quickly Brayden is growing up.  He is so talkative, intuitive, funny, explorative and curious.  His level of compassion and understanding with things is touching and sweet.  He is so happy.  He is so proud of his accomplishments, as are Ron and I.  Playful, smart, decisive, head strong, determined and set in his ways are all ways to describe his bubbly little personality....or Big & Bubbly Personality I should say. 

Every night before bedtime as we snuggle with him to get him to sleep, I ask him if he had a good day today.  His response is always "yeah".  Ron asked him the other night "are you always going to say yeah?"  Brayden replied "yeah".  I hope so.  I hope that at the end of every single day of your life you can find the good in it.  The good enough to be able to conclude the entire day as a good one.  It's a way of thinking positive that I hope you always carry with you, long into adulthood.

You always say please, thankyou, and your welcome now.  You are such a polite little guy.  It's really precious.  You like to "Shake your tushy" to dance, and sway your little head side to side.  You dance and sing to the Fresh Beat Bands Loco Legs on Noggin all the time. You can name every wonder pet, wubzy, and yo Gabba Gabba character.  You love going to Walmart, riding in the car with us, and watching Charlotte's Web-your current favorite movie.  Tim Bit donuts are one of your favorite things, as is chocolate milk {caulk-it milk}.  You ask Mommy for hugs all the time, and give me snuggles and kisses if you think I'm sad.  You even tell me to "cry" when you want to give me a hug and you tell me "I help you Mommy".  You love to sing to us also, and that just steals my heart.  You sing Twinkle Twinkle little star, Taxi Taxi Noggin song, You are my sunshine, Yo Gabba theme song, and Oo-eee-oooh-ahh-ahh from the chipmunks by singing {ooh-eeee-Bam Bam}.
 You are too funny. 

You are very determined and are learning patience right now.  When something goes wrong, you ask for help or say "Ohhh Mannnn".  That's when you don't throw yourself on the floor in tantrum mode {which is not that often thankfully}, but you do have a very head strong nature. 

I could just go on and on about everything new you are doing.  I hope to document as much of it as I can, because I don't want to forget any of these wonderful little things you do, and are doing.  We love you so very much Brayden.  You are the sunshine in Mommy and Daddy's days-everyday.  We never knew at all how much we would be enamoured with your presence.  We never imagined we would kiss and squeeze you as much as we do, and still feel like it's not enough.  We never knew we would worry about your health and well being as much as we do {we are a bit neurotic-we know this}.  We never imagined how much we needed you in our family.  You are a blessing we thank God for every single moment we can. 
You are just beautiful Bray. 

We love you,
-Mommy and Daddy

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