Sunday, December 20, 2009

{Big Boy Bedroom Reveal}... you all know I have been dreaming of how I was going to decorate my big boy's baseball bedroom.  Well is done! {well almost}.  I still have some finishing touches to do to his room, but this is about as done as it's going to get until the Holidays are over with.  Since we just moved into our new house two weeks ago, his room was our first priority to get done.

 So...presenting Brayden's first real big boy baseball bedroom tour... remember his bed we found at Salvation Army for 29$ right?  I thought long and hard about painting it, but once in his room against the rich tan walls, the dark wood was too gorgeous to mess with, so we left it alone.  His quilt set I found at a second hand store for a steal, and it was the exact colors we wanted for his room, so I snatched it up quickly...of course!
I made the roman shades for his room, and just re-painted the letters from his baby room, and added ribbon to hang.  The two light blue pillows with baseball print I also made from some old fabric I had on hand to coordinate with our theme.
The red and tan sham was a steal at Pottery Barn outlet for $3.49!  It ended up matching everything else perfectly.
New House 048
New House 040
{I still need to make his bedskirt, but that can wait for now}.
The blue chest was my Dad's from his old Army days.  It is one of the only things I recieved after his passing, so it is very special to me.  It even has his name etched on the top border of it.  It holds all of Brayden's baby blankets.

Here is his very own dresser we found at an estate sale for 25$.  Of course you can see we altered the handles to coordinate with our baseball theme.  Ron went to our local hometown bat maker {A-bat Co.}, and he gave us some bats they could not we sprayed them, and Ron simply screwed screws into the bats from the existing holes on the dresser {we did not alter the dresser in anyway, and saved the old knobs so we can replace them as he gets older}.  We did also add the little baseball ball knobs on the top drawers.  I loved the dresser because it matched his bed so well, and is even on wheels like the bed...we could not pass it up.  Too cute.  His lamp was the original from his baby room, just embellished it with some new ribbon.
New House 049
Here are shelves we spray painted and added baseball's to.  One was Ron's old hat rack from when he was a little boy, and the other we have had for years.  We found his little blue glove over a year ago while on vacation.  The brown dish with baseball's was a gift from Uncle Todd he got for Brayden's baby room when he was born.  The baseball book is from Uncle Scott and Tara, and the squirrel is one that we bought for Rons Dad "Papa" because he loved these little singing squirrels.  After he passed away in 2004, Ron's mom gave it back to us.  So it was only fitting it go in Brayden's room. The Tampa bay bells and bear came from our good friend Janice in Florida.  Everything is touching and has meaning to us in this bedroom, which makes it even more special.
New House 044
His little 4$ Salvation army tv stand, painted red.  Remember the chairs???  Those were the ones I got last year {4 of them for 15$} and painted in anticipation of this very room.  He loves them.
New House 045
Loved this little piece.  We hung a sign in there I bought Ron many years ago while we were dating.  Naturally Bray's hats went perfectly here.
New House 043
More pics of the little chairs, with Braydens singing horse Molly and Todd picked out for him as a gift a few weeks ago.  He bobs his head and swings his arms.  They bought it because the horse dances just like Brayden does.  Too sweet.
New House 042
Another photo of one of two of the red roman shades I made.
New House 041
This is my favorite part of the room so far.  My Mom bought this floor puzzle for Brayden over the summer at Pottery Barn.  Ron and I sat on the floor putting it together the other night, while applying hot glue to a foam board.  I made the hanging tassle from leftover fabric and ribbon from his pillows, curtians and other decor.  Just knot after knot, and this is the end result.  So fun. So free.
{The dresser belonged to my Grandmother Delphine and Grandpa Harry.  I used it since I was 13 or so in my bedroom.  Ron and I have used it in our room, and now it is in Bray's room.  I just do not have room for it currently in our room...our bed kind of takes up most of the room itself right now, but it is special it's in Bray's room.  Don't worry-you won't see us replacing any knobs on this one ;-)}
New House 034
Another pic of his LIFE photo and bed.  Uncle Scott and Tara gave this to Ron a few years ago at Christmas.  It is from the 50's I presume from LIFE magazine, people watching a baseball game on a rooftop.  This photo does not do it justice, but it is perfect in this space.  The blue shelf above it will hold Braydens Blue engraved baseball bat we got him for his first birthday, but we have to figure out a way to hook it safely up on the shelf before we put it up.
New House 038 is getting there.  I still need to make the red bedskirt, and red bumper pillow for the space in between the wall and the bed {hence the body pillow stuffed there currently}.  Brayden loves his new room.  The first night he slept in there he stayed in bed all night long.  In the morning, I heard him get out of bed and pitter patter into our room while whispering "Mommy, ahhh Mommy?"  He enjoys his own space, and we too enjoy having our space back.  This is actually the first room he has slept in all alone for the first time since the day he was born.  Even though he had a nursery-he never slept in it because he was in the bassinet in our room, then we moved the crib into our room, and now....he is Mr. Independent...and VERY happy about it.  We are so thankful he has embraced this like such a big boy.  He crawls into his bed every night and says, "nap, weeping"...aka: sleeping.  He is too funny. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and I will be blogging more house projects as I complete them.  I am one busy Mommy right now unpacking, decorating, sewing, and stay tuned ;-)


Anonymous said...

Awwww his room is so awesome!! Glad he likes it too makes it a lil easier 2 have ur own space:) can't wait 2 c more pics from the rest of your new house andread the wondeful descriptions that make it sooooo special! U guys did a wonderful job:)

Struggler said...

What a fabulous room! He's a lucky boy, for sure.

Cha Cha said...

I love the bats on the dresser, how clever. HAPPY NEW YEAR

Anonymous said...
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Miss Mustard Seed said...

The baseball bats as the dresser handles are so creative. I bet your little guy loves them...or he will when he's old enough to appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

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