Sunday, December 20, 2009

Master Bedroom {It's a start}...

Here is the start of our Master Bedroom.  As you can see...this room is small, and our bed...well....rather large.  It's my fav piece of furniture to date though.  Ron got it for me for my 28th birthday I think...for $50.00 from Haverty's Outlet store.  It was missing some finnials, which we ended up getting replaced for free, and the wooden side rails {which you never see with a bed skirt anyways} naturally...I LOVE it, even if I struggle to get up on it every single night ;-)  I digress.

I seriously do not have room for end tables, so they are currently in the basement, and we moved our dresser into Brayden's room.  My vanity fits in here...barely.  It looks sort of-well....ridiculous at the moment where it is {hence no picture of it}. ha!

I used old curtains to hang in here because they match the comforter we have, and all of the decor.  I really had wanted to go with more muted colors this time around, but I hate to have to replace all of my color coordinated decor right now.  I used two extra valances I had on hand from the same fabric to make the two coordinated pillows seen in the picture.  I actually bought the fabric from a garage sale four years ago from a drapery maker who had used this fabric and messed up on a project, so she sold it to me for like 2$.  I had to seam wrip it, cut it, re-sew it back together and so forth.  I made 5 valances from it.  Now I have three valances and two pillows...that two bucks spent has certainly been worth it!!!

The photos make all of these greens looks like they clash, but in person...they really don't look this non matched.  I am far too fussy for that!  My camera is kicking it's last flash dance these days, so bare with me until I can get a new one.  Moving on...
The vinyl saying I adore.  Ron got it for me last year, and I packed it away waiting to use it.  I love that it comes right down with a hair dryer.  It's not perminent, and that I love. I also love that I was just given a practically brand new Cricut from my sister inlaw Tara and I discovered I can make my VERY OWN vinyl wall sayings.  I am so excited.  Now I just need some cartridges ;-)  {hint hint honey}.

New House 029
Like I said, the end tables are in the basement...but after a fussy husband complained for a few nights I finally dragged up one of our dinner trays to serve the purpose for the moment.  The lamp will soon be moved to another home, but for now this will have to do. 
New House 030
I am not in love with these old paintings either, so I am thinking of a new life for them currently...maybe paint the frames, new matting, new artwork...who knows.  I still need/want room darkening drapes to go under the valance, but I am not a huge fan of that style, so this material may make life change #4 and turn into cornice boards, with room darkening and flowy.  Ahhhh.
I'm thinking I need stairs for my bed too.  Anyone have a wood working shop?  Let me know. ;-)
New House 031
My view into the hallway from the bedroom.  I finished my family photos wall today, and I LOVE it.  It's adorable.  I love seeing Brayden's happy little face in the hallway, one of my FAV pics of him.
{Oh, and a picture that I don't know where to put sitting lovingly on the floor at the moment.  I just moved two weeks ago...don't judge me just yet!}
New House 032


New House 025
It is a start at least.  My closet seems bigger than the entire bedroom, and is need of some organization at the moment, but I will save that for another post.  I will keep you updated with the updates when I feel this room is "done", but I thought if anyone has storage/decorating advice for this Tiny bedroom...please share ;-)  I am all ears ladies.  Happy Decorating!!!

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