Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun ideas...

As you know, we are moving into a new home this weekend {so I may not be blogging for a few days until I get unpacked}, but I thought just before I take my bloggy sabbatical, I would post some fun pictures of decorating ideas that are being filed into my idea book for future projects.  As soon as I get settled and situated, I hope to be able to start on some of these fun ideas.

I think this is such a great way to organize fun little ditties on a wall.  I am loving the red border as well as the dress form {I want on of those honey!}.

Our stairs are not carpeted, and are in dyer need of a new paint job.  I love this idea without the diamonds of course, but I love the wording, the clean white on the base boards.  I think I will do numbers could help with Brayden's counting as he explores the stairs at least. 

Speaking of the stairs....I have some really gorgeous black and white prints I have taken since Brayden was born, and really need to display them.  I love the vinyl wall quotes, and I know I have a few of them already packed away in my artsy I may re-create a wall very similar to this one.  I love the placement and how it is so personal and well done.

Our bathroom in the new house is rather spacious.  I thought I could even put a nice terrycloth ottoman in there to sit on while giving Bray tubbies, or getting dressed.  I love this bathroom.  I love the shower curtain and it's clean lines {which could totally be made from drop cloth and growgrain}, and the little wooden bench as well.  I have tons of topiaries, so in the bathroom they will go.

Can we ever stop looking at Roman Shades?  No....I can't.  I love them.  So clean and classy.  Im still reading articles on how to make them...the string concoction is plagueing me at the moment.
roman shades

I just love the colors of these bedrooms.  I love the silk material, the aqua with the white, everything, the curtains-oh...I could just get lost in this bedroom.

I love the plates on the walls, the colors, the damask design on the pillows, and the monogrammed framework.  This is my dream bedroom.

I think these curtain/cornices are adorable.  They would be so simple to make with the many yards of remnant fabrics I have stashed around.  I'm not quite sure where to do these yet, but I am sure in the days to come of unpacking I will figure it out. 

Well ladies, I am off to book the moving truck, and get ready for moving day!  I will be back shortly!  Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

These are all such great ideas and I especially love the words/numbers on the stairs! Too bad we live in a one story...there has to be another way of incorporating this idea into a home though. Any thoughts?