Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 day count down...

Well...it's just two short days until we depart for Florida. Tomorrow we pack the moving truck. Tomorrow is my last day of work. Thursday we will say goodbye's, have lunch with good friends-spend time with family and relax. Friday we leave. Here are some photos Beth took of Brayden last night as she was at my house finishing the packing and organizing all of my boxes in preparation for the move. She has killed herself to help me-she is truly amazing, and I am so lucky to have her. These pics are too funny. Brayden is ready to go-ready to see Daddy, and ready for Florida.


Mommy Mac said...

Holy cow! New York to Florida! I have missed much! I plan to scour your blog soon to find out the scoop! Good luck and be safe if I don't talk to you before moving day!!!

.mac :)

Chris said...

That last shot is AWESOME!

Be safe.

Katy said...

Good luck...cannot wait to hear about the adventures in moving.