Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PhotoStory Friday...{Memories}

PhotoStory Friday
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Two years ago we moved from Florida back to our hometown to be close to family...and to have Brayden...our first baby. We have had so many wonderful moments since coming back home. We have shared valuable time with family and friends and built a life here that we have enjoyed. I am going to miss being here.
I am going to miss my family and friends so very much. I am going to miss watching Ron coach city rec youth baseball, and going to all of the games with Brayden in tow! I am going to miss going to Bergman park with Brayden {the place I was the City Playground Queen for when I was 12}. Hokey yes-but it is special and nostalgic to me in many ways.
This town holds so many memories for me. Around every street corner is a story involving my life and who I am. The apple tree I climbed almost everyday as a child is right up the street. The woods where I had a fort with my friends at 7 years old is two blocks behind our house. The elementary school I attended is almost visible from our upstairs hallway window. I am grateful that this town now too holds the memory of having my first baby-sharing that with my family, and my friends-and all of the special moments we have had here with Brayden and everyone.
In packing these last few weeks I have been looking at the house knowing I am going to miss it too. This is the place where we brought Brayden home from the hospital. This is the home that I had my baby shower in. This is the home that took Ron and I from just being a married couple to being a Mommy and Daddy. I am going to miss it. I am going to miss the memories we made here as a family, and with our family.
I wanted to post photos of it so Brayden will know where his life began someday when he reads these old blogs in a blog book. I want him to know this is where we held his 1st Birthday party-where he took his first steps, and said his first words. This was his first home. This was our first home as a family.
Here is Daddy in the kitchen making macaroni salad for the baby shower...
This is the spot you frequently slung food everywhere when you were learning to eat on your own:
This is the sun room where we would sit together and look out the window when you were teeny tiny:
Your first bedroom:
Your Bassinette in our room, where you first slept:
Mommy going to the hospital the morning you were born:
Your first day home from the hospital...{love this photo}:
We will miss many things from home. This is a new chapter though...and we are excited to go back to the warmth, the beach, and numerous attractions. I know we will all make more memories...but it does not hurt to reflect on the old ones sometimes too.
-The Snow Family


Krystyn said...

What a great way to preserve the memories!

Emily said...

Awe, totally bring on the nostalgia!

Wayne said...

great memories,
and you guys will have so many more as life goes on

thankyou for sharing your memories and pictures with us

shopannies said...

love seeing your story and hearing your feelings i know how it is but as you say there is so much more 2 come

Alex the Girl said...

Great story. It's hard leaving a place where you've created so many good memories.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

What a nice way to preserve your memories.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

A beautiful tribute to your beautiful memories! Cheers to all the new ones you are going to make.

Sharon said...

memories are great! And I am sure there are many many more to come that will become dear to y'all!

Shellie said...

What happy wonderful memories. I wish I had more pictures of my old houses, that was smart.