Monday, April 27, 2009


Brayden loves to be outside on the porch. He loves the wind, looking at the trees, the sun, and listening to all of the amazing sounds of the outdoors. He stares at everything, just taking it all in. He is so content and happy. In the midst of the last few weeks of packing and moving craziness he has experienced-this seemed to be just what he needed...time outside to relax.
These photos were taken after our big moving sale on Saturday, and after we returned home from Todd, Beth and the girls treating us to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in town-Davidson's. They came over bright and early Saturday morning to watch Brayden and drag all of my sale items out for me to help me with the sale-the ENTIRE day! Then they treat me to dinner on top of it! Shortly after these pictures were taken they came back over again to the house to help me even MORE!
I am truly blessed to have such an amazing and wonderfully supportive family. Thank you!
I love you guys!
Picture 724
Picture 757

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