Monday, April 27, 2009

Full Circle...

Today the girls came over to watch Brayden for me while Todd and I took the dogs to the Dog Wash! The girls had quite a good time with Brayden, as he did with them as well from the looks of it. These photos are special to me because I remember when the girls were as little as Brayden when I used to watch them! It is beautiful to me now to watch them interact, play with, and love on him the way I did with them at his age. My nieces are so close to my heart-they are like sisters to me. I am glad we are as close as we are. I am grateful that I get to see the love they have for Brayden...knowing it is just as strong as the love I have always had for them. It's so full circle.
Picture 850
Picture 844
Picture 868