Monday, April 27, 2009

Pooped out...

Brayden had a VERY busy day on Sunday. We attended his cousin Ryleah's 3rd Birthday party at the park! He ran and played with all of his cousins for a few hours in the 80 degree weather. He chased a balloon that blew away from him with all of his might! Then we went to Uncle Todd {T as he calls him}, and Aunt Beth's to play some more before he finally just CRASHED on their living room floor. They told me to let him sleep and let me leave to get some alone Mommy time to relax and get some things done. { Thank you guys!}.
He was just pooped out to say the least. Crocs and all ;-)
Picture 812


Mommy Mac said...


The other night, Casey fell asleep in the middle of put a bite into his mouth from dinner...his head smacked the plate!

Then he got down and laid on the kitchen floor and stayed asleep!

We finished dinner, cleaned up, and even got our showers...he slept through it all!

Looking forward to catching up with you!

.mac :)

Emily said...

you know you had a good day when you're that pooped!