Friday, April 17, 2009

We are MOVING back to FLORIDA!!!

Ron accepted a job offer in Orlando Florida and we are relocating back to Orlando!!! I am so excited and cannot wait to get there, back to our friends, the sunshine, and warmth ;-) I am sad a bit too because I am going to immensely miss my family and friends, but this is a good move for us. New York will always be home to me, and the small town life I will miss again I'm sure once back in Florida.
All of this is bitter sweet.
I officially put in my two weeks notice tonight at work. I have worked at my company for almost two years and have LOVED my job and everyone I work with. My last day will be Thursday April 30th. Ron has to go before Brayden and I (and Shadow & Chewbacca), therefore I have two weeks to pack the entire house, moving truck, tie up loose ends and then off to Florida we go May 1st!
Although I am dreading the packing-it is a great excuse for me to Spring Clean and gut out things that I want to get rid of anyways...and the hubster won't be here to tell me to "keep that" & "Don't throw that-I'll use it" kind of thing :-)
I guess that fortune cookie note I got a few weeks ago that read "the best is yet to come" was totally on target!!!
So...I might be {incognito} with blogging for the next few weeks...but I will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible.
I promise to keep my camera on me through the whole process as a good little blogger so I can share our experience once we are all moved, and once I have slept for like three days in a row!!! ha ha!
:-) Shannon


Katy said...

Fun, I'm happy for you guys. Congrats on hubby's new job!

Emily said...

Congrats!!! I would totally move to FL...constant sun and easy access to sandy beaches...ahhh, heaven!