Sunday, January 31, 2010

Funny guy...

Brayden is so happy to be home with Mommy these days.  He has gotten into his own swing of things in the new house, and seems to be loving every minute of his undivided attention he gets from me while Daddy is at work all day.  That's not to say he doesn't LOVE his time with Ron, as I am chop liver as soon as Daddy walks in the door at night, but that's okay with me my break time then...which is also good for me.

Lately Brayden has been loving sleeping in his own big boy room, in his very own bed.  He wakes up usually around 4:30 am about 4 nights a week and says, "Mommy-help!"  or "Shanny?  Shannon?  Nuggle me?"  He loves when I get out of my bed and go snuggle with him...and I don't mind, because I love it too.  I know...probably creating a bad habit for the future but I want him to feel safe, and that we will come when he needs I, or Daddy will go in and "nuggle" with him.  Occassionally he will just get out of bed and come into our room.  Our bed sits up too high for him to get in all alone, so he will stand there and say "Mommy, M-up, climb? nuggle?"  aka: Mommy Im up, Ill climb up and snuggle?  So I tell him to climb and pull him up into bed with us.  He usually falls back to sleep in like 2.2 seconds.  :-)

Every night when Ron and I tuck him in we talk all about what he did for the day.  He has gotten quite good at recalling the day.  He loves to have family hugs and tells us "I miss you" aka: I love you.  So we tell him we love him too! 

It's amazing to watch him grow.  He is talking so much lately.  He is so polite.  His manners are really sweet, and not forced from us.  I have always wanted a polite child, but never pushed the issue.  It seems to be something he has picked up and likes to use!  Good thing!  He says please, thank you, no thankyou, excuse me, excuse me sir, yes maam....I am impressed...and happy. 

His newest favorite meal is salad shreds with ranch dressing.  He will go to the fridge, pull out the ranch and tell me salad Mommy! 

It's feels good to be staying at home with him right now.  This is perfect timing.  Time that I don't want to miss.  Time with him to shape who he is, and that is so important at this age.  That makes me feel good.  I love being able to see his smiling face all day, hear him giggle, watch him learn, explore, talk and test.  He is just amazing to us.  We are so grateful for having him in our lives.  We love you Brayden!

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