Saturday, January 9, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy... {help!}

The year has begun, and apparently we need a chauffeur for awhile.  Anyone?  Takers? 
We have hit a brick wall of sorts, but I press on ahead.  Turns out-when we switched our full coverage car insurance over to GA when I was there over the summer {because our NY policy was ending & we were trying to move there}, we neglected to realize that since we still had NY plates and registration that were violating a state law in NY.  Insurance is insurance right?  We never switched over the tags and licenses because we ended up coming back to NY shortly thereafter anyways for Ron's new job, so we kept them. As for the insurance, we are covered no matter where we go.  Evidently...NY state does not recognize out of state insurance under any circumstances, and has therefore suspended both mine and Rons licenses and registrations...on both cars!  We cannot even pay the civil pentalty to turn the situation around because we are past the 90 day mark and NY shows a lapse in insurance coverage for us...even though

NY suggested calling GA to try to get a registration just to show to NY so they could dissolve all of this instantly.
 Good idea....but no dice.
  Since we were in GA for such a short time-staying with family...we never established residency, or proof really that we were there at all so GA won't budge to help us out-even though we would only need the registration for a day to take to NY dmv to get this cleared up.

I talked to my insurance guy in GA.  None of this makes sense to him, and/or to my insurance company.  They suggested they write a letter on our behalf with our declarations proving we had more than the mandated state coverage NY requires for it's drivers and this law of theirs.
  No dice...NY dmv still won't budge.

THIS is a mess, and is very complicated.  As it stands today....I get my license back after I wait out my punishment.  That's March.  I get my registration back in April.  Ron gets his license back in May, and the registration on his car in June. cars, no driving until then.

I am not done fighting this though.  I have consulted attorneys, called Insurance Bureau's, and have written a letter to our senator and others.  I could understand the punishment if we really lapsed and never had new insurance, but WE DIDN'T!!! 

So...I have managed to gain some headway on all of this throughout the last week.  I have learned SO much about the NY state DMV, and how all of this CAN be waived at there discretion. I just have to find THE person that CAN waive this....and work some magic.
 Time will tell.

There is never a dull moment with us!  Things should be interesting for the next few months if I can't get this figured out.  I feel like the punishment does not match the crime for us.  I feel our situation needs to be considered, because it is not the standard black and white scenario.  WE don't break laws...if we had known this law we would have certainly done something differently.  Looking at our past insurance and driving history's could prove our responsibilty level. 

The DMV said I could get a restricted license and drive someone else's car of course...just not mine...that's my punishment.  So....I can get in an accident in someone else's car that I am not familiar driving that could pose an insurance hazard for all involved???  Yeah DMV, that makes soooo much more sense than to allow me to drive my own vehicle that is FULLY insured, that FULLY insures other people I may become involved in an accident with while driving on a restricted license.  Is it just me or does that make...
 NO SENSE?  Just saying....

So...I will be sending out 100 letters today in my pursuit of getting this rectified.  Say a prayer for us....seriously....Say a prayer.  If you have any ideas...feel free to shoot them my way-I will try anything at this point.

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