Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Brayster...{some funny stories}

I have to share some funny stories of the Brayden Brayster these days.  He is learning so much, and is so smart {if I do say so myself} Ha!  Seriously...he amazes me with the new things he does, and the manner in which he expresses his own personality.

Tonight he walked his sippy cup over to me and asked for "caulkit milk mommy".  I told him he had to wait one minute while I finished doing something.  He quickly walked over to the fridge and brought me his chocolate syrup. I told him I needed the milk too!  He walked back to the fridge and grabbed the milk with both arms and wobbled over to me to set it on the couch.  He happily exclaimed "I did it Mommy, I do it"!!!
I asked him to please put them back in the fridge once I made his chocolate milk for him.  He took the syrup first, then made a second trip for the milk.  I was so excited and proud of him, gave him big hugs and smooches and told him thats what Big Boys do, and how he was such a good big boy!  He was so happy and proud of himself.  I admit...I quickly went over to the fridge a little fearful of what I'd find once I opened it, but he even put them back in their spot as perfect as can be!  Go figure?  What a quirky little guy he is sometimes.  I just love him.

He asks me for bbuy kisses {butterfly eyelash kisses} and lays his head sideways on me freely exposing his cheeks waiting for them.  It's so sweet.

This morning he climbed up in bed with us on Daddy's side of the bed.  Daddy got up to shower for work after turning Noggin on in the bedroom so Bray would just chill for a little longer.  Brayden soon started asking me for yellow-browns {what he calls reesie pieces}.  I {half awake} said "Bray honey, there are no reesie's up here".  He got off of the bed on Daddy's side to get down, and I listened to his little feet run over to my side of the bed.  I reached over and picked him up {eyes half open} and snuggled up to him.  He was sitting there playing, doing something as he watched cartoons.  I did not open my eyes until I heard him eating something.  I slowly opened my eyes, and all I saw was Bray sitting upright against all of the pillows, with the blankets pulled up on his lap, and a big bag of reesie's in front of him, just chompin away chillin out watching Noggin!  {Daddy evidently bought a bag and brought them upstairs lastnight to watch tv-I had no idea they were even there!}...stinkers.

Last week I went to get some coffee.  As I drove away from Tim Horton's, my lid popped off and I spilled coffee on my coat.  Under my breath I nonchalantly said  "nice Tim Hortons, way to put your lids on all the way".  Brayden says very sweetly " Mommy-copfee hot?"  Me: Yes, honey thats right, Mommy's coffee IS hot-you're right!  Bray: Oh...awe you okay?  Me:  YES baby I am okay, thank you for asking-that is very nice!  Bray: Ummm...awe you R right?  Me:  {in awe of his sweetness and of using these questions in the right context} Yes, I am alright Bray-thank you.  Bray:  {silence for a moment}  Mommy-How doin'?  Me:  {giggling at this point}  Im doing good, how are you?  Bray:  Good.  This conversation repeated itself a few times thereafter and I was smiling the whole time.  He is so nice.  I love that.  He loves his Momma.

His little comments lately also include:
-I tickle YOU!
-I bunny {funny}.
-I hiding, hiding seek.  He counts to 2 and says Here I come!
-He dances and says he has oco eggs. {loco leggs from Noggin}
-Base base, babbabababababa base base... {c/o Yo Gabba Gabba}
-Ankyou Mommy
-Peas {please}
-Wow really? {while pretend talking on the phone}
-Hi Mickey Mouse!  How doin? {talking on phone}
-No way! {while talking on the phone}
-Im gorgeous!
-I got this!
-Are you kidding me?
-I did it!
-Im happy!
-Kiss mommy, hug kiss....
-Come on bats! {after I tell him he has bats in his cave while trying to clean his nose}!
-Awe Maaaan!
-I fix it!
-Im helpin'
-Im cleaning
-I weep {sleep or sweep}
-Im up! 
-All better?
-I help you? {when he needs help}
-In a minute?
-Mommy, Daddy Wook!!!  {look}
-Mommy, I do it! {telling me I did it!}
-{my favorite}  Store?  Walmart peas?  Store Mommy?  {what have I done?}  haha.

Just some of the things he does to keep this Momma giggling and on my toes.  Love it.  Love him.

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Such a cutie pie!!