Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hallway Redo...Part II

The hallway is getting there...slowly but surely.  It was A LOT more work than I had anticipated.  First...I had to crawl on the stairs on my knees to scrub them down.  2.  I re-painted all of the white trim from the top of the stairs, all the way down into the hallway, a window, doors, french doors, and front door.  I then had to paint the stairs and underneath molding brown. 3.  Then the floors needed to be scraped because they are an old icky hardwood that had paint droppings on them that was driving me crazy {not from me...from someone previous}.  4. Then I had to scrape the windows on the french doors because I got paint on the glass...{sigh} I intended to do it that way though...really.

Here is the so far progress.

I still have to make a front door curtain, a new window curtain, hang pretties in my hallway up the stairs...yadda yadda yadda...

                                    Before                                                                   After

                                  Before                                                                After

Okay...not a HUGE difference, but much cleaner looking in can totally notice it looks better.

Much better!

Here are some of the newest pics I took to show off all of my hard work. 
More to come this weekend.  Pinky swear!


Katy said...

Yay for you girl, I love accomplishing home projects and being able to show "after" pics.

Chronicles Of A Mommy said...

Wow! Everything looks great!