Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting there...

Although I really hate to bring it up yet again...we are STILL in recovery from our move in May to Florida, and then back again, and then etc etc etc.

We are now moved into our home, and just as Christmas wrapped up and we were scrambling to unpack, decorate and relax...we got caught up with the DMV insurance snafoo thing {you can read Driving Miss daisy post below} if you missed that.  I have made a million phone calls, and wrote lots of "really important" and grammatically correct to our NY state senator with our plea for some assistance.  I had a meeting there last week and it went very well, and I felt good for pushing something that is unfair, and asking for some "important people" help ;-)  We should know more this week.

That has meant though that we are still unable to drive our cars until this mess is cleared up...that is IF it gets cleared up.  If not...we are house bound until April when I can put the van back on the road, and July when we can put the Pontiac back on the road.  The kicker is...we STILL have FULL COVERAGE insurance.  I don't think that because it was underwritten in a different state that it should show an insurance lapse for us...WE NEVER LAPSED!!!  We simply bought an insurance policy from a company who is headquartered in GA!  AHHHHHHHHHHH.  The worst part of all of it is the cost to get out of it. First...we have to keep our current insurance to maintain the terms of our car loans...which means paying a hefty insurance renewal for our GA policy in February of $250, just to turn around in April to pay another hefty $225.00 to convert to a NY insurance company.  Then...we have to pay over $200 in fines, as well as paying over $200 for new registrations and tags again, and new licenses as well.  Lord what a mess...and what a financial kick in the head that we DONT need right now.  We have HAD insurance the whole time...this is so unfair, and upsetting.
Okay....moving on....

The last three weeks Brayden and I have been virtually home bound with the exception of our family and some friends coming over to pick us up and drive us around. {stop laughing}.  Ron gets to get out to go to work so he is doubly blessed ;-)  haha! You might think it would be humiliating for us right now, but with all that we have gone through since our move, then demise...this is sort of a cake walk.  Okay, it's not a cake walk, but it's easier than what we have already been through this last year.

I am finding the good in it though.  Brayden and I have spent so much time together playing, dancing, singing, and talking.  He is fun.  I am no longer so busy running silly errands or going out...and that means more special time with him...which is our silver lining here.  Thank God...maybe he knew we need it after all that we have gone through.  He knew. 

I have also had lots of extra time to complete all of those little projects around the house that I have so longed to do for so long now.  Brayden gets to get creative with me too now, and he loves it....which makes me appreciate our situation even more right now.

This has also meant that I am out A LOT less than I used to be, which equals less money spent on stuff I dont really need...which means getting caught up on some major financial issues we incurred as a result of said move in May.  It's going to be a long haul for us until we are back to "normal"...but we are getting there.
I am confident in God's plan for us.  We still are hopeful and excited about having some normalcy again...and we are working our tails off to get back to life as we once knew it this time last year. 

I am so grateful, thankful and content right now.  I know everything happens for a reason.  I know that we have so much to look forward to, and I know how blessed we are in comparison to others less fortunate.  I really don't have any right to could be worse. 

Some good news coming:  Ron was accepted into our local college JCC for a summer semester EMT program so he can go back to school.  He was also accepted as a volunteer responder for the fire department which means they are paying for his classes.  He wants to change his career path from doing the cop thing to being a paramedic...eventually on a helicopter. {baby steps though right now}.  He is pretty excited about this upcoming opportunity.  He is also gearing up for City Rec Baseball again...and it looks like he will be coaching his own team this year...I think 8-10 yr. olds.  He loves it and is sooo great at it.  This will extend into him playing on adult league of course again, as well as coaching a baseball clinic at the college right now that goes all year, so he is feeling pretty upbeat about things...which is nice.  Its nice to see him smile again ;-)

As for me...I still have the opportunity to go back to college myself which is also totally paid for.  I am still trying to work out all of those details.  I am excited about it though.  I have also been toying with starting my own etsy business of all sorts of fun things creative, and this spring want to start refinishing/upholstering furniture {my love} and selling it for some extra $$$.  My biggest challenge will be letting go of those treasures once there made all pretty.  We now have health insurance again which means me getting off Prednisone...which is really great, and I am so excited about it. 

Biggest happiness:  We are together again as a family.  We are home with much of our family, and most of our closest friends on earth!  We are so blessed, and so loved, and soooo grateful.

I am so thankful we have experienced what we have this last year....but we are moving on...slowly...


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