Thursday, February 4, 2010

Perserverance...{Driving Miss Daisy Part II}

We got the BEST news two days ago.  The Senators office called me to tell me that the letter of intent I provided with all of the proof of our insurance, and a work order for my brakes {seriously}...they decided to FINALLY dissolve everything.  We went today and got NY state insurance, cancelled our other policy, and got new plates and registrations...we are again mobile. 
 Perserverance is not overrated. 
 I am proud that I kept plugging away until somebody budged. I must have heard 100
 "we can't do anything for you"
 in my five weeks of phone calls and letters. I cried more times than I can count.  I slammed my phone down a few more hundred times.  I called and cried to family members and friends.  I panicked, I did not sleep, I prayed, cried and prayed some more. We depended solely on family and friends for rides here there and everywhere.
 {Thank you all so much, we love you and are forever grateful}.
Needless to say.... IT WAS NOT FUN!!!
I experienced every natural emotion.  I was shocked, then sad, helpless, frustrated, MAD, angry, then accepting.  I tried to see the good in this.  I spent time with Brayden without having to run anywhere in the car.  THAT was nice.  We had a ton of fun playing and unpacking and decorating this new house we had prayed so many times for in the last 6 months.  I spent time being grateful, and knowing I would accept any outcome with grace, and still continued to perservere.
 I cannot take all of the credit for these wonderful changes of events though.  Senator Cathy Youngs office was a HUGE support to us.  It never hurts to involve the higher ups when you really need it.  We are giddy with excitement.  It has been five weeks that we have been unable to drive our poor cars.  It really sucked...let's just put it that way.  Brayden and I both gained 5 pounds just being stuck in the house
 {Ron got to leave to go to work}.
I will admit...putting the plates on the cars today...I felt like I was 16 again getting behind the wheel for the first time.  I was like this little nervous driver. 
 Too funny.
A woman at the DMV said to me yesterday
 "Wow, I bet you guys have had a rough couple of days with all of this mess"...
I chuckled and said
 "yeah...a rough couple of days it was" {roll my eyes}...
 when what I REALLY wanted to say was...
 "Days??? Try FIVE friggin weeks lady!!!"
But I refrained. 
 I want good Karma. ;-)

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