Friday, February 19, 2010

One step forward...

I will admit, I have been in a blog funk lately.  I have so many things to blog about, and no time to do it...when it would seem that since I am at home with Brayden these days that I would have all the time in the world to write, blog and share pictures.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life's day to day events, triumph's and struggles that other things can seem to go by the wayside. 

Let me share with you our lives as of late.

First...we had a wonderful Valentines day.  Brayden painted a beautiful canvas for Daddy all by himself.  He insisted on using paint brushes because he knows that what I always use, and he is not a huge fan of getting his hands all dirty.  Needless to say though...stripped down to a diaper on a towel in the bathroom...he painted his heart out.  He requested the colors he wished to use on Daddy's surpirse present.  He turned the paint brush and drew in the paint once it was all finished, which made a neat design.  He was so excited.  After we were all done...I plopped him into the tubby and had to give him two baths to get him all clean as he had paint on him everywhere...belly button included!  When Daddy got home from work he quickly and excitedly announced to him that "I paint Daddy, present...a castle....then tubby".  He can't keep a secret evidently ;-)  Oh well.

Daddy LOVED his picture so much he has been walking around the house holding it up in various places on the wall to see exactly where he wants to hang it.  I said to Ron, "Why don't we put it in our room on the wall, the colors kind of match in there"  and Ron replied "yeah, but nobody will get to see it in there, and I want everyone to know Brayden painted this for me".  {sniff sniff} sweet is that?  Ron is not an overly emotional person to others...and it was just such a statement of emotion as to how much this messy little canvas meant to him...and the fact the Brayden worked so hard on it for Daddy. 

These are the moments in life that when they happen I quietly reflect and then THANK GOD for my life ;-)

Daddy bought Brayden a big green heart filled with his favorite candy...M & M's.  They were all green inside.   Bray LOVED them, stinker!

We also took a trip to the Ice Castle last weekend as well.  Brayden thinks everything is a castle lately, and was truly taken back by the real thing, all lit up with a bon fire and all.  It's a yearly thing here where we live, and its on the lake.  There was music, good food, lights, tons of people bundled to the hilt, fireworks and snowmobiles driving on the lake {scary I know!}...but we had lots of fun.  It was SO cold though that we did not stay for long.  Brayden however would have stayed all night if he could have.  It was so fun to share this with him though...and he truly had a wonderful time. 

Other than all of that...we have just been trying to stay home, stay warm, and get the house know...the normal everyday stuff.  Brayden has been trying to be a big helper in the kitchen with me lately...since I have been making more meals at home these days.  It's nice to finally be in a place in our lives where that simple normalcy now seems like a blessing to us, rather than a burden.  I like that bad things make you appreciate the small things all the more. 

We are slowly recovering from's still going to take us some time...but I have learned that one step in the right direction everyday will eventually get us there.  One step, one day at a time. 

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