Friday, February 12, 2010

This week...

This week has been a productive one for us. 
 At least I feel like it has.

  1. I managed to re-upholster one diningroom chair, and burn my hands with the hot glue gun when applying the very last fabric button that I JUST HAD to add to the chair!  I ran to the kitchen screaming explitives so loudly that Brayden ran in behind me yelling "Mommy-matter?"  I told him I had boo boo's on my hands and he said "wow-really?" and walked out of the room.  Thankfully he did not decide to repeat the F-bomb I dropped several times in my mad dash to the kitchen ;-)
  2. Today we loaded up with paint, and a canvas in the bathroom with Brayden only in a diaper for his first "painting" experience.  We were making Daddy's {surprise} Valentines gift...I told Brayden several times it was a present for Daddy and not to tell him.  {yes, I know...I should have known better}.  As soon as Ron got home from work Brayden ran up to give him hugs and kisses and said "Daddy-painting yellow...a tubby"....he didn't totally give it away but close enough.  Needless to say...he was COVERED head to toe with all sorts of different colors of paint, and so was my bathroom floor.  It was beautiful to watch him create something like this though.  He was SO proud of himself and just loved painting and exploring all of these colors.  We are not quite done with the present though...will have to keep you posted on the final project.
  3. Brayden and I went to a friends house for a playdate this week.  I was nervous...I will admit it.  He was TWICE their size {two little girls half his age}, and with Bray-he can either be a total angel, or a little stinkbutt....and I was not sure how he would react.  HE was a total sweet, polite, nice, everything.  I was PROUD.  I felt good about the job I have done thus far as a parent and THAT felt good.  Needless to say, I had fun too...spending time with an old co-worker and her daughter Rosalie, and a childhood best friend Ylsa and her daughter Rya.  It was really a great day and I enjoyed myself immensely.  I was though EXHUASTED by the time we got home and settled.
  4. My cousin Nikki and her daughter Amanda came over to visit us today and brought me coffee and donuts.  She is so sweet.  I am so glad we have such a great friendship, and I really love LOVE love her company.  She has been a huge help to me over the last few years in my life here in NY, and I am so blessed for that.
  5. I did manage to decorate the bathroom too this week, and give it a great scrub down.  I am still putting the finishing touches on it, but so far I am pretty darn happy with it.
I have not done the laundry I promised myself I would do this week, but I did get other things done.  Mostly it was taking time to really enjoy Brayden and our time together during the day.  He is so fun.  He is so sweet. 
 I told Ron tonight...."even though during the day it gets exhausting sometimes to constantly entertain Brayden...when he goes to bed...I just want to wake him up because I miss him already".

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