Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day Funny....

So...I successfully made a turkey and Thanksgiving Day dinner yesterday AFTER I almost caught the house in fire in the process :-) (Stop laughing). I let the turkey cook in the gas oven for about 3.5 hours, and at that point I grew concerned that it started to look a little I took some more oil and poured it on the turkey. A few minutes later the kitchen started to fill up with smoke. The fire alarm downstairs started to go off...which proceeded to the stairway fire alarm and upstairs to the hallway fire alarm.

I tried to fan it out of the kitchen by opening the windows and back door, and Ron finally had to pull the batteries out of the alarms (don't worry-we have replaced them since). We even had to get out a fan and put it in the kitchen to help! haha-I know. So...once that drama subsided and dinner was just about done I realized I had forgotten to make the stuffing! (I spaz). I told Ron and he said...well we still have time, go ahead and make it real quick. I started looking everywhere for it in the cupboards and said "oh-I guess I forgot to BUY the stuffing". Needless to say...we sat down, said Grace, ate dinner, and had a very nice relaxing time. It was special and wonderful and Brayden kept us laughing through most of it as he kept sneaking his little toes on the edge of the table from underneath his high chair. We took some pics-will post this weekend.

Rons sister called after dinner to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving and this is how the conversation went:

Roxanne: Happy Thanksgiving, how was your meal?

Me: Well, it was good after we got all the smoke out of the house from me putting oil on the turkey last minute like an idiot!

Roxanne: That's funny...we had a nice dinner too, played games with the kids, and are just relaxing now.

Me: I told Ron once the meal was done cooking that I forgot to make the stuffing...then realized I forgot to BUY the stuffing :-)

Roxanne: Well, don't feel bad-I forgot to make the crescent rolls and we did not realize it until we sat down to eat!

Me: Oh &^%$ I forgot to make OUR crescent rolls! :-)

Roxanne: How did Brayden like his dinner?

Me: He loved the sweet potatoes.

Roxanne: Oh &^%$ I forgot to make our sweet potatoes!

I thought it was a funny a little comedy skit-guess you had to be there.

So, Hopefully everyone had a great Holiday- we love and miss everyone, and I got through the entire meal without catching the house on fire. :-) Later on lastnight I went over to my brothers house for Pie and to see my family. Brayden was pooped so Daddy stayed home with him, and I got to go over there to relax a bit myself with a great cup of coffee, family and pumpkin pie! It was nice. What a great day!

-The Snow Family


Katy said...

Hi there, I didn't even realized that you had tagged me until I read that on one of you post....girl, you never told me.
That picture of Braedon is darling in the header.

Katy said...

Sorry I misspelled Brayden's name. :(

Kacey R. said...

This is hilarious and TOTALLY something I would do! I'm glad you had fun though - that is what it is all about!