Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

I thought I should write this post now before the rest of the week leaves my life in hectic disarray with cooking, cleaning, working, you know...all that fun stuff. We hope everyone has a wonderful and beautiful Thanksgiving, and that this year ends for you and your family a prosperous one.
This will be Braydens second Thanksgiving. I am excited because it will be his first where he can actually eat real food, and secondly because I get to cook for the three of us! (for those of you that really know me-you can stop laughing now)! We usually go someplace else for Thanksgiving, but I really wanted to do this myself this year. I really hope it turns out okay, otherwise we will be packing up to go elsewhere. I am really excited because I have mastered cooking a Ham, but the turkey thing, not so much! I did watch a show today that attempted to explain the whole stuffing, pulling back the wings thing with the string to pick it up (???)...and I'll be honest...I panicked a little bit because I just could not keep up with what they were saying. My brain goes into delayed mode when watching cooking channels...I am so type-A I need to ask questions and have them pause...but we all know THAT does not happen with cooking shows. So...wish me luck on this years turkey!
Here is to you and your family this Holiday Season! Hope it is one with Love, Grace, Laughs and Fun for everyone. :-) -The Snow Family

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