Friday, November 14, 2008

Brayden & Click Studios with Rob Sigler

We took Brayden for his pictures today with Rob Sigler-Photographer/Owner of Click Studios in Jamestown. What an absolutely WONDERFUL experience! I'll be honest-I was a little stressed knowing we would have to change his outfit a few times, and wondering how Braydens disposition would hold up-but as soon as we arrived, Rob and his staff were so friendly and welcoming, being the first to say that they wanted this to be a stress free event for Brayden and us! Rob let Brayden go into the studio and familiarize himself with everything and making us feel comfortable with that by saying "he can't break anything-so just let him explore" kind of thing. Brayden was so comfortable he did just that-and started to play with the props, and freely walk around as he pleased. We did not feel stressed, rushed, was really truly a good experience for all of us. Rob even commented at one point that he wanted Brayden to enjoy himself so future photo experiences would be good one's for him. I thought that was such a nice statement from Rob because as a parent you always hope all first experiences such as this promote positive second experiences in the future, and it was just perfect that he recognized that as a parent himself-and voiced it to us. It speaks volumes about the kind of person and professional he is. His associate Jim was also very wonderful and helpful with Brayden-and Bray acted like he'd known him forever! He held Jim's hand and pulled him down the hallway to explore leaving us in the dust-it was truly adorable! I would HIGHLY recommend everyone go to Click Studios for their photography needs. We will never go anywhere else for photos!

Rob said the pictures should be up on his website for ordering/viewing sometime next week (please write us for the password we would be happy to provide it to you if you are a personal friend or family member). In the meantime...he has posted 4 really great photos of Bray on his website that he took today with a very nice compliment. Click Here to see these photos-what GORGEOUS work this man does.

Rob Sigler Photography Link
Click Photo Studios Link

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