Tuesday, November 11, 2008

31st Birthday!!!

3AM: Mommy came home from work to find the brand new Singer 7442 sewing machine set up on the dining room table from Daddy and Brayden with a note that read, "We love you, hope this helps with your business, Happy Birthday, Love Daddy and Baby Brayden". I ran upstairs and woke Ron up giggling because I was so excited! I wanted to stay up and sew at that point, but knew it was better to get some sleep and play in the morning with it.

7AM: Brayden woke up and I brought him into bed with me to snuggle and sleep in more :-)

10:45AM: Brayden slept in snuggling in bed with Mommy until 11AM! I know...I could not believe it either! I woke up before him and just rubbed his little piggies, and snuggled up to his chunky little warm body ;-) Those are just the best moments to have and enjoy.

11:15AM: Grandma called and talked a bit to Brayden, then chit chatted with me and attempted to sing me happy birthday, but stopped in the middle of the call admitting that I did not get my voice from her! Too funny...haha! Then we happily chatted for about an hour about her new Pottery Barn bed she is extremely tickled about, decorating, work, craft shows and other fun mother daughter jabber.

11:30AM: Daddy called and I thanked him again for the awesome present and he said he was going to get finished with work early today-another awesome bit of news!

12Noon: Todd, Beth and the girls called and sang me Happy Birthday, and took me out to lunch at my favorite breakfast joint...Bob Evans. We had fun at lunch and it was so great to spend time with them, I just love their company and family time with all of them.
bob evans

3PM: We arrived home to cartoons, and Mommy started on some house chores as Brayden ran around taking out his toys I had just put away :-) Daddy soon came home and took me for my favorite coffee-Tim Hortons :-) Yummy. We stopped by his mothers house to wish her a Happy Birthday too!

5:00PM: Mommy sits down to play with the sewing machine. Fun stuff. Cool stitches-smooth sewing, a self threading bobbin/needle-Wow! I was pretty excited. I wanted to stay home from work...but refrained ;-)

6PM: Arrive at work to Birthday greetings up the elevator-to birthday hugs once I got inside, to an office filled with balloons, and Birthday cards signed by everyone! What an awfully nice thing to do! It made me feel very special.

9PM: Happy Family Chinese dinner that a few girls from work and I divided-it was the perfect Birthday din din. I then went home and played with Brayden for about an hour, and came back to work...after stopping at Tim Hortons for yet another warm wonderful coffee :-)

Today was a great Birthday! I am so grateful and thankful for all that I have been given, my family, friends, co-workers...everything. Thank you to everyone for a special and wonderful day! Hugs-Shannon

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Tiffany said...

happy, happy birthday!!! I'm so glad to hear you had such a wonderful day. No wonder we get along so well... we are Scorpio sisters. ;) My birthday is the 19th.