Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bebe' Del Craft Show Saturday November 15th!

Okay so- I have a craft show Saturday the 15th at Fluvanna Fire Hall in Jamestown from 10-4! I am obviously encouraging everyone come out and take a look-see! I have been sewing like a total mad woman this week, making baby blocks, tinkle tents, diaper clutches, newborn hats, more burpies, bibs and onesies, lovy taggie blankets-you name it! My poor poor dining room looks like the mad fabric fiary hit it! Seriously! Brayden has even learned to duck underneath the sewing machine cord when passing through on his many laps around the dining room table. I have corrupted my poor child. It's like this unsafe creative obstacle course for him-the worst part is he has adjusted...and before I leave for work each night and at least once an hour, I do a crawl around myself to insure no needles have walked off my table accidentally! I could use the office as my creative space, but that would not work as I cannot subject Brayden to being upstairs with me all day's already bad enough at this state! The dining room is really the most fitting place for my insane,un-organized,hodge podge of creativeness, if that is what I should call it. I keep telling myself that I only need the table perhaps for Thanksgiving-so at least I have until then to sew sew sew. If I could create a visual-I now have two sewing machines in there, the ironing board, my patterns, scrap fabric, three sewing boxes full of thread, bobbins, needles, ribbon, piping, buttons-you name it, plastic wrap for the baby blocks, business cards, all of my table set up gear, big bags of poly-fill on the table-all finished/wrapped items displayed nicely on my hutch (looking at everything keeps me motivated to continue the production aspect of this creative endeavor)...Braydens high chair, the keyboard (to keep brayden occupied while he stops during his laps running around the table), and Oh-I cannot forget the baby toys that he scatters here there and everywhere as he beats feet through there! Oh my-its a disaster area-and I am so so ashamed of my creative mess :-)

Well...I hope to see everyone there! (the craft show that is-NOT my dining room!)There are tons of other vendors that are just so nice and talented and have tons of holiday gifts to come on out! I will post after pics of the show sometime next week..and give a synopsis of craft show # 2! Heck-for fun measure, I may even get brave enough to show you pictures of the aftermath of this dining room I speak of herein :-) Have a Happy!

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