Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've been tagged...

Okay Tiff-since you tagged me on the "7 random things about me"....I thought I would comply :-) I now have to tag 7 people? I don't have 7 bloggers to tag...but I am tagging the ones I do....Jennifer, Scott, Katy over at the Baker 5, and Kacey at Chronicles of a Mommy. Here Goes:

1. I am a milk-a-holic. I drink tons and tons of milk. I run a close second to Brayden's milk consumption. Maybe first actually. I literally crave it, in the middle of the night I wake up and usually make a trip downstairs for a quick glass before heading back to bed...it's completely insane and out of hand :-)
2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE garage sales and auctions and side of the road finds. If I find something old and can think of a way to make it new again...I have to buy it, or put it in the back of the Uplander :-) I have actually furnished most of our home from auctions, garage sale, and side of the road items,(yes I know...it's a bad thing, but so much fun...I have no shame when it comes to this). Well...we were also privy to 80% discounts during Ron's Haverty's furniture days...so that helped as well...but now I can't pay full price for anything for the house. You would never know though-that's what makes it so much fun :-)
3. I always listen to Josh Groban when I'm stressed out. He makes my world a happier place! I have every CD he has ever made...I would die to see him in concert live (and/or Rascal Flatts) of course.
4. I ran out of school in second grade and ran all the way home (twice) because my teacher yelled at me and scared me to death! I got teased about it through most of my school years and to this day people I knew back then still remember me crying in class then hauling tush out the door running home as fast I could ;-)
5. Ron and I have made several road trips from Florida to NY over the last 14 years. Almost every time we travel through Beckley WV-we experience car trouble...no joke! Once the key broke off in the ignition and we were stuck there for 24 hours...we blew two tires there in his parents motor home on one trip, and when the AAA tow truck came-he ripped the front bumper off of his parents motor home because he did not bring the right size tow truck! In the Mazda we blew a tire there, and had to wait (yes another) 24 hours there to special order the MX-3 type of tire. In the camaro, we blew two tires (two separate trips), I hit a buck in the middle of the night going through Beckley on another trip and smashed up the GEO pretty badly! Seriously...we are gun shy now to even go through Beckley at all! It's very odd. Don't mention Beckley to us!
6. Our car caught on fire on our honeymoon and was deemed a total loss. I sat on a bench nearby with my glove box in my hand laughing hysterically, then crying hysterically because I was in shock! Something sparked by the battery and poof! While we were in the store shopping I saw smoke and said to Ron "wow something is really on fire out there"...to which he peeked over the shelves we were behind and said "yeah, and it's our car". Okay-laugh all you want...it's actually funny now! I made a two page scrapbook spread page out of it with pictures titled "Goodness, Gracious, great balls of fire" -in our wedding scrapbook ;-)
7. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I believe God is involved in everything we do everyday and every experience brings with it a lesson we much look inside ourselves to find. I believe in Karma, and that what goes around DOES and WILL come back around. I believe God gives us everything we need to make decisions, and I try very hard to live my life making the decisions he would want me to make. I am no saint, by any means...but I know I am here for a reason, and it's not for myself, or self gain. When I see a street light that goes on/off automatically while I am either driving or walking underneath it-I tell myself that is God's way of telling me I am in the right place at that moment-where I should be. It actually happens quite frequently to me! I know, it's a little crazy sounding, but it always makes me smile...so I'm just going to keep going with it :-)

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