Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brayden, Daddy & The Doritos Super Bowl Commerical Contest

My brother Todd, and family entered a Doritos commercial contest at You had to create a commercial that could win and play during the super bowl this year featuring Doritos. Todd and the girls came up with this idea and asked if Ron and Brayden could assist him with being the stars of this commercial! Todd and them did all of the filming, editing, directing-they are so talented with making video commercials like this! So all weekend, we have been over there working on this to make it a huge success! I have posted the link below...go take a is truly funny. Make sure your sound is on...and hopefully we will win! You never know! Doritos does the final voting themselves and they ultimately decide who the winner will be. Either way-when Brayden is twenty-this is going to be something we can all continue to giggle at!
To see the commercial on the Super Bowl here.
To see the commercial direct, just click on the screen of the tv here:

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