Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Horizons...

There are many new things on the horizon for our family. {No, I'm not pregnant!}. We have been full of transitions and changes so frequently over the last few months that I am almost sick of talking about it. It feels as though we have been trying to climb out of a hole these last few months. I know we are almost there...but it has not been easy.
I am excited however that great new experiences await us, and that in and of itself is exciting and renewing. Right now I have been given an opportunity to change things in my life, things I should have changed years ago. Change my way of looking at things, change my way of dealing with things, and most importantly, change the sort of people that were in my life. I feel empowered to do more for myself, and to make better decisions for my family and our future. I feel empowered that I FINALLY have had the strength to disengage a few old relationships in my life that were nothing short of toxic and negative. That makes me feel empowered as a woman, wife and mother. We are slowly climbing onward & upward again.
Most importantly, as I look into the future...I have been able to grasp the big picture. As I look at Brayden...he helps me to see it loud and clear-daily. With every simple smile he gives me, his little pats, his awesome lovey hugs, and the sweet way he pushes his cheek into mine, makes every bad thing completely go away for that moment. He is my 2 year old is my rock, I'll admit it.
He is that place that makes my heart happy when it feels heavy. He is that place that makes me realize things could be worse. He is that place that reminds me to take better care of myself and my health. He is that place that keeps me smiling, humble and makes me grateful. He is that place that makes me whole.
101_0232 we head toward all of our new horizons over the next few months, we hope that you too can find your grace, your rock, your happiness, and your new horizons too!
God Bless.


Kacey R. said...

Look at you! That is all wonderful news. And as you make these changes in your life I am sure you will quickly establish a new rhythm that just feels "right."

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Tiffany said...

What a great blog post! I am so happy for your brave decisions and new horizon. xoxo

Xazmin said...

I just stumbled across your blog and it sounds like you've got some wonderful things happening.

It's from our trials and learning from our mistakes that we are able to reach our full potential!