Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun with Cheesecake, and Factories...

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This weekend we went to the Cheesecake Factory. Brayden was pretty excited while we waited for our table. First he let Aunt Tara chase him outside {the mad little runner that he is}...and once inside, he drooled all over the yummy cheesecakes on display. The waitress brought him some yummy sweet bread and bananas to keep him happy while we all placed our orders, and spent time chatting together. Brayden was kept equally as occupied by his cousins-Bailey {beep} as Brayden calls him, and Casey {she-she}. Surprisingly Brayden devoured all of the bananas, {which was a first for him}... bread, peas, and strawberries he was offered for dinner. He is usually such a picky little eater, but he did well that night. By the time dinner was finished-we were all STUFFED to the hilt. Brayden was all tuckered out anyways from all the swimming we all did just before dinner.
All in all, it was a pretty awesome Friday night at the
Cheesecake Factory.

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Mommy Mac said...

LOVE the Cheesecake Factory!!!

Oh, their salads are divine!!!

Go Brayden go with your veggies and fruit!!

.mac :)