Friday, August 7, 2009

A Bemus Day

Last week we took Brayden to Bemus Point for the day. We ate at the Casino, watched Chautauqua Idol in the grass, walked around the lake, played on the playground, ate ice cream, and just had a wonderfully fun day as a family. Days like this are immeasurable to me. They make my weeks, months, heck..years. I love time I get to spend with Ron and Brayden. I really appreciate that time with the both of them.
Brayden walked the dock on the lake with Daddy. It was his first time ever doing this. He loved the sound of the water splashing about, the birds flying around, and of course...the "weee" {playground} that borders the lake. I had a beautiful day that day with my family. I love you guys!


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