Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Hamptons...

Okay, nobody went to the Hampton's...but Brayden did stay at one! Ha! Traveling through Tennessee, sleep was needed...so the Hampton Inn it was. This was Brayden's first time ever in a hotel and he thought it was way cool. There were Llamas in the field outside on the mountainside {which had breathtaking views of TN}...and he kept screaming "COWS!". "No, No Bray those aren't cows baby-they are Llamas"...oh well...what's a parent to say when he insists they are cows? "Yes baby-okay... cows...good job!"
This of course AFTER he told the woman at the front desk "no Maam" after each question she asked.
He sure does have a mind of his own these days...

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