Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where have we been this week (???)

Sorry it has been a few since I have posted anything. After Thanksgiving I had to attend a training at work-which meant working days all last week (ugh!) which nearly killed me since I AM NOT a morning person :-) Then, the laptop went on the fritz for the last few days and Ron finally figured it out-so we are back online. It kept giving us an error message stating the network cable was unplugged...so after troubleshooting a million different things, Ron checked the cable, and LO-AND-BEHOLD-it was in fact UNPLUGGED!!! Silly us ;-0

Friday evening...we FINALLY had a night out together sans Baby! My awesome Brother, sister inlaw and nieces all came over the the house to play with the Bray so we could go out with my mother inlaw and her good friend Lonnie to the local Fish Club on the lake for some good food and fun karaoke! Yes...I sang...Carpenters, Endless Love, and even a duet with the President of the Club-Summer Lovin from Grease! What a fun time we had! I could have stayed there singing all evening-it's been awhile for me :-) We came home to a happy Brayden, and stories of how they all played and giggled and had fun (they always do bring out the best in him). God love them for giving us a night out, it's been while since that has happened too!

So...we are just preparing for the Holidays now, shopping, making gifts, and watching the Brayden grow into such a funny little guy. He loves to make us laugh lately, and my Mom laughs at us lovingly in that Brayden really keeps us entertained 24/7 these days! I will post some updated pictures soon, I promise! I am so behind on the pictures thing, and have just been so very busy these last few weeks. They are coming though this week-at least by Friday ;-) Until then...Happy Shopping, Happy tree hunting, Happy Cookie Baking, and Happy Family Times :-) Hugs

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