Friday, December 26, 2008

Some Handmade Gifts!

Now that Christmas is over and everyone (almost everyone) anyway has received their gifts...I can post pictures! Here are just some of the gifts that I made this Christmas.
Here is an old storm window converted into a conversation piece-given to: Todd and Beth. I just painted it, distressed it a bit, and placed a vinyl lettering quote kit onto the glass. It has the old handle and hooks on it, and they absolutely loved it! The quote is so them too! It was perfect. Thanks to Kacey over at Chronicles of a Mommy for such a great idea!
Picture 060
A plate for Rons Mom with all of her Grandchildrens name on it. I just purchased some ceramic paint markers and viola!
Picture 045
A canvas I painted for Rons niece Brooke-she loves dance!
Picture 051
A canvas I painted for Rons nephew Marion-he loves baseball!
Picture 048
A canvas I painted for Rons niece Chelsea-she is 16!
Picture 044
Last but not least-Braydens very own baseball knot blanket from Mommy! They are so easy to do, and so warm and soft. He loved it!
Picture 099
I made jewelry for my nieces, and other gifts for family that they have not yet received, so I can't post those just yet! It was a fun thing to make gifts, and so special! Enjoy!


Katy said...

Lots of fun fun gifts, I love homeade gifts. So very thoughtful of you!

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